’90 Day Fiancé’ Tell-All: Usman Umar Says He Loves Babygirl Lisa Hamme as Long as She Doesn’t Interfere With His Career

A lot has happened since the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days “Tell-All” was filmed. The two-part finale aired on Sunday and Monday.

“Babygirl” Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar have broken up since the “Tell-All,” where things got pretty heated between the two of them.

Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar
’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar | Instagram @baby_girl_lisa_2020

Babygirl Lisa says Usman scammed her

“He used me. He married me just to be on a TV show that people would recognize his name to sell his music. I tried to work with him, his brothers tried to work with him. He thinks it’s just him, he thinks he’s going to do what he wants and he’s never going to apologize for anything he’s ever said bad about me,” Lisa said on Instagram of her relationship with Usman. “He’s posing as what you call a romance scam, which is very illegal in Nigeria. It puts that stigma back onto Nigeria again and that’s what I didn’t want to do.”

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Usman has denied vehemently that he ever tried to scam Lisa. They were together for three years. If he wanted to scam someone just to improve his lifestyle, he would have chosen “someone who is rich.”

Did Usman ever love Babygirl Lisa?

Some 90 Day Fiancé fans have questioned whether Usman really ever loved Babygirl Lisa.

In an interview with The Domenick Nati Show on May 31, Usman said he wasn’t with Lisa because he loved her. He was with her because he pitied her.

“It wasn’t love for love. I loved her for pity,” he said.

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In an interview with the Lip Service podcast, Usman said he only agreed to marry Lisa because she threatened suicide if he didn’t.

“Deeply in me I know it’s not love. I don’t love you for real, honestly. But I do know that to make you happy, I do that to, you know, to make you happy – to calm you down,” said Usman.

He continued: “So Lisa starts, you know, trying to hang herself, commit suicide. I was like, no, no. My father is an Imam and we were taught in the way that is good for you to please somebody. It’s better I tolerate her, you know, problems, all the headaches she has given me, and make her leave than for me to say I didn’t love her, then go and kill herself. So, I was like, it’s better for me to tolerate that, you know… than for me to say I don’t love you, then she go and kill herself because of me. So that is how it happened.”

What Usman said about his relationship with Lisa on the ’90 Day Fiancé’ Tell-All

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During the “Tell-All,” Usman said that he really did love Lisa and that he plans on being with her for the rest of his life, but that she needs to not interfere with his music career. Usman has always had a problem with the way Lisa treats his fans.

However, they also disagreed about a lot. They disagreed about the role of a second wife, they disagreed about Lisa’s treatment of Usman. Usman even said that he didn’t plan on moving to America. The “Tell-All” might have been the beginning of the end for Usman and Lisa.

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