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On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi plan to be married very soon in Nigeria, but first they’ll have to get through the joint bachelor and bachelorette party. After Angela’s friend, Jojo, arrives to be the witness she needs, they decide to go out to a strip club with Michael and some of his friends.

Complete with party favors, they head off for a fun night, but from the beginning, Angela doesn’t like what she sees. There are other women dancing, and it’s not what she expected. However, she decides to stay, and they have a good time dancing together, at least at first.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi get into an argument at the strip club

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi | deemangela via Instagram

“When I arrive to this club, all I see is women, strippers, half-naked. I’m really p***** right now,” Angela tells producers. “Like, did you really bring me and my friend to a club like this? But I decide to stay. You know what? Let’s make a positive out of this damn negative. But I’m here to tell you, Michael better be on his best damn behavior. He better steer clear of them women, and keep his eye on me, or he’s gonna have problems.”

They drink and dance in the VIP area, and Angela crowns Michael and his friends with hats that have sparkly phalluses on them. Angela knocks back some drinks, and even blindfolds Michael at one point. Everything is going well, that is until the cameras show Michael looking off, and then the camera cuts to a woman dancing provocatively. Angela looks over, and Jojo tells Michael not to look.

“He looked. And you can look and see the girl up on the podium. And he watched her,” Angela says. “I’m f****** furious. I don’t want my man, when I go out here to pay attention to anyone but me. And that’s who I am.”

Angela walks out of the club, and it’s a drama-filled scene as Michael follows after her. “Angela was just accusing me of looking at women dancing…” Michael tells the cameras. “I wasn’t. To be honest, she overreacted. I was just like concentrating on my fiancé.”

The whole ordeal doesn’t even end in the car. The fighting continues, and it’s unclear where things go from here.

The 1 hilarious item some fans think Michael should have brought to the strip club to avoid problems


’90 Day Fiancé’: Why Angela Deem Makes Michael Ilesanmi Sleep in His Car After a Heated Argument

The whole night ends on a bad note. Fans on Reddit can’t stop discussing how things went down, and one fan recently posted an image of a horse with blinders on. Horse blinders attach to a bridle and prevent the horse from seeing either to its side or behind them. One fan thinks it’s the perfect addition to avoid problems.

“What ‘Mykul’ should have brought to the club…” the Reddit post is titled.

Numerous fans seem to agree that if Michael only had on horse blinders, he could have avoided the whole argument. One fan calls it “genius.” “Ha this is genius, thank you for the laugh,” a fan wrote in the comments.

Another fan agrees. “As an equestrian, I agree,” said the fan.

One fan thinks the horse looks just as sad as Michael did at the club. “Why does this horse look as sad as Michael after he got caught?” a fan on Reddit asked.

“I said the same thing!” another fan agreed about the situation.

Fans can’t stop talking about Angela and Michael’s argument at the club. Some fans think he should have been wearing horse blinders to avoid problems out of the situation.