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90 Day Fiancé fans recently watched Geoffrey Paschel ask Varya Malina to marry him (again). And, this time, she said yes. The couple infamously didn’t participate in the TLC “Tell-All,” and are hosting their own version to update fans on the status of their relationship shortly after the network airs theirs.

Varya Malina
’90 Day Fiancé’ star Varya Malina | Instagram @varya.malina

When Varya was interviewed by The Domenick Nati Show on June 3, she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring. But she told the interviewer that she doesn’t wear it all the time. In fact, she quipped that she’s hardly wearing anything more often than not.

Varya’s dream wedding with Geoffrey after ’90 Day Fiancé’

Varya didn’t outright say she and Geoffrey were planning their wedding, but she did answer, hypothetically, what kind of wedding she’d like with Geoffrey. She wants a small ceremony (like, only her and Geoffrey) that involves an activity like jumping out of a plane.

“I had one big wedding in my life, so I prefer to do a small only for two people in a different country. America maybe. Something romantic for two of us,” she said.

Varya continued: “I don’t want a big wedding. Maybe just me and him. We could jump with a parachute somewhere in Hawaii. We can do something crazy together. That would be fun.” 

Varya’s mother doesn’t want her to move to America to be with Geoffrey

One reason Varya wants an intimate wedding with Geoffrey could be because her mother doesn’t approve of her relationship.

“My mom is not big fan of idea of me move to another country. Obviously, she wasn’t that happy like me at that moment,” she said.

Varya says her mother told her to take this time during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to reflect on whether she should really marry Geoffrey.

“She said, ‘Varya, you have lots of time without those emotions when you were just engaged, planning a wedding, you have so many thoughts.’ She just said, ‘Calm down. You have time to plan, to think, overthink.’ Then the COVID stuff happened and she said, ‘Everything happens for a reason,’” she shared.


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Varya’s mother isn’t the only person who’s skeptical of her relationship with Geoffrey. She says her DMs are flooded with messages from fans telling her she should be happy she didn’t end up with the controversial reality TV star (when they thought that was the case).

“The main comment, the most popular comment in my DMs was: ‘Varya, you dodged a bullet.’ It was everywhere. I want to say that Geoffrey is not a bullet. He’s like an AK-47. You will run and zig-zag, you will have no chance to dodge the bullet,” she said.

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