’90 Day Fiance’: The Devastating Health Reason Why Ash Naeck’s Eyes Are Always Bulging

Ash Naeck has gotten a lot of flack this season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Most of it has been for the constant half-truths that he has told his girlfriend Avery Warner and the outdated views on gender roles that he uses in his job as a relationship counselor. But some of the comments about Naeck have been about his appearance and why he sometimes makes strange faces that make his eyes look like they are bulging. Now, Naeck has opened up about the truth behind his appearance.

Ash Naeck
Ash Naeck | Instagram: @themindbodycoach

Ash and Avery’s relationship

Naeck and Warner have always had trust issues because Warner didn’t know if Naeck could remain faithful while in contact with so many women as a relationship coach. But when she went to visit him in Australia, she found out a number of other things about him. The more time Warner spent with Naeck, the more she realized that their views may not line up. At one of his relationship seminars, Naeck spoke about the differences between men and women and gave pretty sexist advice. This annoyed Warner but she was able to get over it.

Later, when she met Naeck’s son Taj and his ex-wife, she realized that Naeck had been lying to her. First, he told her that Taj’s mom was OK with them taking Taj to America, which obviously wasn’t the case. Naeck also told Warner that he had gotten divorced 10 years ago when in reality, he had only been divorced for a year.

Since the show has started airing, Naeck has admitted that he and Warner are no longer together.

Ash Naeck’s appearance

Fans have made fun of Naeck’s appearance and large eyes since he first appeared on the show. But there is actually a reason that his eyes look the way that they do. He addressed the issue on his Instagram.

“And my choice regardless of the hate, regardless of the cruel words, regardless of the way you racially abuse and judge me over those past few weeks and regardless of the amount of horrific cruel messages received, my choice will always be to plant the seed of love for it is the only way to a blissful life,” he captioned a picture.


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“Yes I have battled Hyperactive Thyroid since I was 21 and at this stage maybe Graves’ Disease after consulting with a Naturopath and holistic health expert,” he revealed.

“I want to thank the few of you who were super nice and nurturing in reaching out and bringing this to my attention in the most caring way possible and for the majority or the rest that came in with so much hate and cruel intention whether bloggers or individuals, I still send you love no matter how f*cked up your intentions toward me were.”

How does Graves’ Disease affect a person?

Hyperactive Thyroid is a condition in which your thyroid produces too much thyroxine. This condition can result in several different side effects, some being weight loss or an irregular heartbeat. Graves’ Disease is an immune disorder that can cause a person’s eyes to look bulged among other things.