’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’: Who Is Sumit’s Astrologer Khalid?

On the premiere episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh meet with his astrologer, Khalid, to seek relationship guidance. Kahlid predicts that if Sumit and Jenny rush their marriage, they will fight and be unhappy. How accurate are Kahlid’s predictions? Well, here’s everything we know about the astrologer.

Jenny and Sumit's astrologer on '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' | discovery+
Khalid the astrologer on ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ | discovery+

Sumit and Jenny go see an astrologer for relationship guidance

As Sumit and Jenny consider the idea of marriage, they take a surprise visit to his astrologer Khalid. With Jenny’s visa expiring, Sumit is facing the decision to either marry her or let her leave back to America. The pressure is on for Sumit to marry Jenny.

Jenny says Sumit has “every faith and every belief that the astrologer will tell us what’s going to happen in our future.” Jenny, on the other hand, is skeptical. She says she’s “never really believed in astrology.” Sumit introduces Khalid and Jenny; she’s the “elder woman” Khalid predicted he would be with. Khalid then takes Jenny’s birth date, time, and place to read her chart so that he can give a prediction for their relationship.

More information about what Khalid does as an astrologer

The only information shown on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is that his first name is Khalid. We can deduce that he’s likely from New Dehli, where Sumit and Jenny are living. Due to there being hundreds of astrologers in New Dehli, it was hard to find Khalid. However, many astrologers offer similar services. These common services for astrologists in New Dehli are matchmaking, horoscope consultancy, fortune-telling, palmistry, and astrology prediction.

Astrologers specialize in charting the sun, moon, and planets at the time of an individual’s birth. Through these readings, they can predict problems in an individual’s life. According to World Scholarship Forum, many astrologers from New Delhi have “given highly accurate predictions on issues all over the world.” They believe that you can predict health, money, business, marriage, and family with astrology.

Khalid advises Sumit to wait to marry Jenny

Sumit’s astrologer, Khalid, tells cameras that he has known Sumit for over 20 years. Kahlid says that he’s accurately predicted Sumit’s future when he was just a young boy. He predicted that Sumit would be “trouble” for his parents, his marriage would fail, and he would be with an older woman. Sumit asks Khalid for advice about changing his parent’s minds, which Khalid tells him not to do anything. Khalid assured Sumit that “the planets will work the way they are designed to.”

Kahlid tells the couple that to maintain their happiness and love; he suggests they shouldn’t force marriage. When asked about Jenny’s visa, Khalid replied, “Let God decide what is good for you.” He predicts that if they force the marriage, they will end up fighting and being unhappy.

While Jenny is not happy about the prediction, Sumit believes Khalid. It’s going to be difficult, if not impossible, for Jenny to change Sumit’s mind. It will be interesting to see if Sumit will go against fate and his own family to marry Jenny so that she doesn’t have to leave India.

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