’90 Day Fiancé’: The Real Reason Biniyam Can’t Come to America

Ariela Weinberg hasn’t had the easiest time in Ethiopia. On this season of  90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, she moved to Ethiopia to be with her boyfriend Biniyam Shibre and have her baby. But once she got there, she quickly realized that giving birth and raising a baby in Ethiopia wasn’t going to be like she expected it to be. But there is a big reason why Shibre and Weinberg can’t just move to America together.

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Ariela and Biniyam on ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ | TLC

Biniyam was already married

This isn’t Shibre’s first time in a relationship with an American woman. His first wife was also American and the two had a child together. Apparently, things went south between them when his ex-wife found messages on his phone from another woman. Though Shibre insisted that the women he was texting were just his friends, it caused trouble in their relationship.

When Weinberg’s mom found out that Shibre had already been married to an American woman, she questioned his motives.

“You were married to an American,” she said. “You find another American and now you’re having a baby with another American. Is your plan to come to the United States with an American wife? What’s your plan with Ari?”

Biniyam has already been denied a visa three times

Weinberg has grown increasingly uncomfortable in Ethiopia throughout her time there on the show. In order for Weinberg to have a child in the conditions that she is used to, the pair would have to move to America. But that may be hard for Shibre to do.

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After he married his ex-wife, Shibre planned to move to America with her. She went to America before Shibre in order to be there when her sister had a baby. Shibre applied for a visitor’s visa at the American Embassy in Addis Ababa and was denied, according to HawkEye.

His ex-wife planned to return to Ethiopia to have their baby, but when the child was diagnosed with gastroschisis, which would cause the baby to be born with its intestines on the outside of its body, Biniyam applied for another visa to come to America. He was denied again.

According to ScreenRant, before Shibre applied a third time, his ex-wife’s stepmother enlisted the help of Iowa Senator Charles Grassley. He wrote them a letter of recommendation but even with the letter, Shibre was denied the visa during his appointment.

He was eventually able to visit America on humanitarian parole instead of a visa.

Now that he is with Weinberg, if he were to apply for another visa, it may look a little suspicious that he is doing so with a different partner.

How does Ariela feel about her relationship?

As viewers of the show have seen, Weinberg has been unsure if she made the right decision by going to Ethiopia to have her child.

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In the preview for the second half of this season of The Other Way, Weinberg is shown getting into several arguments with Shibre’s family so things aren’t looking too good for the young couple.