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Ash Naeck and Avery Warner ended this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days with plans to see each other again after Naeck obtained an Australian passport. During part one of the tell-all reunion, fans found out that the two had parted ways. During the reunion, Warner revealed the reason for their split, and fans don’t exactly understand where she is coming from.

Ash and Avery
’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Ash Naeck and Avery Warner | Instagram @averydopecool

Ash and Avery’s relationship

By the time the 90 Day Fiancé cameras started filming, Naeck and Warner had already broken up and gotten back together a number of times. Most of the breakups occurred because Warner was unsure if she could trust Naeck. He had even deleted all of the pictures of Warner off of his social media at one point. Despite their past issues, Warner decided to go to Australia to visit Naeck anyway.

The trip was full of ups and downs. During one of Naeck’s relationship seminars, Warner realized that Naeck’s views on gender roles were different than her own. She also discovered that Naeck had lied about his divorce, telling her that he had been divorced for 10 years when he really had only been divorced for one. He also told her that his ex-wife was fine with them taking his son Taj to America when that was not the case.

Despite all of these issues, the two still ended Warner’s trip on good terms and planned to continue dating long distance.

Why did Avery and Ash break up?

Naeck and Warner rehashed their breakup on the tell-all. Warner said that after filming wrapped, she wanted to take a break to think about things and Naeck ended the relationship.

“If that person is really committed, we will work things out without taking a break,” Naeck said. “How many breaks do you need to take to decide what you want to do?”

Warner said that Naeck lied to her face and Naeck admitted that he wasn’t 100% real with her.

“I wasn’t authentic with you because you’ve run away 10 times,” he said.

But the real kicker was when Warner revealed that the last straw was when Naeck lied about continuing a diet that they were both supposed to be on.

The other 90 Day cast members had a hard time making sense of Warner ending a relationship over a diet. Even Babygirl Lisa Hamme called Warner out.

What do fans think?

Fans could not get on board with Warner’s reason for ending things with Naeck.

“I feel like Avery is just a miserable person in general, regardless of what Ash did or didn’t do,” one person tweeted.

“They broke up over a diet? A diet though?” another person wrote.

Some didn’t think the diet was the real reason behind the split.


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“I like Avery, but I feel like she checked out of that relationship when she watched ol’ dude mansplain to women at his ‘seminar,'” one fan said. “Since that episode I saw her energy completely change.”

“She was over him long before that diet,” another person chimed in. “This was just the excuse she was using.”

Will Ash and Avery get back together?

Though the reasoning behind the breakup may have been petty at best, Warner has not completely ruled out a reconciliation with Naeck. When asked if she would get back together with him, she said it was too soon to tell.