’90 Day Fiance’: There’s a Good Reason We Never See Avery Warner’s Oldest Kid

Avery Warner and Ash Naeck seemed to really be into one another when this season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days began airing. They were off to a better start than a lot of the other couples. There was no notable age gap between them or huge cultural differences that they needed to overcome. They just had one big problem. Warner was never quite sure if she could trust Naeck. The two had broken up a number of times before the cameras even showed up because Warner didn’t like how Naeck interacted with all of his female clients in his job as a relationship coach.

Avery Warner
Avery Warner and daughter Sylver | Instagram @averydopecook

Even though there were red flags blowing in the wind with Naeck, Warner still left her two kids to fly to Australia and meet him. Not only did that decision draw criticism from fans, but we also rarely ever see Warner’s children on the show, especially her oldest daughter, Scarlett. It’s almost like they don’t exist. But Warner says she has a reason for keeping them out of the public eye, and it’s not because shes a bad parent.

Claims that Avery isn’t a good parent

As the season began airing, a list written by an unknown source came out about Warner, titled “10 Things She Doesn’t Want You to Know.” Many of those things had to do with Warner’s relationship with her daughter.

“1. Avery does not have custody of her oldest daughter and never has,” the list starts. “2. Avery is allowed visitation but rarely chooses to take her visits, nor does she call her daughter ever. 3. Other than a 30-minute stint on New Year’s Day, Avery has not seen or called her daughter since fall 2019. 4. Avery refuses to contribute to her oldest daughter’s financial support, is behind on child support, and is being garnished from the state.”

Why don’t we see Avery’s oldest daughter?

In an interview with inTouch, Warner claimed that she does see Scarlett, she just doesn’t post about her on her public social media accounts.

“I do not post my oldest daughter on my public accounts so that I can maintain and keep the peace with my daughter’s father,” she told the outlet. “I have regular Skype calls with my daughter outside of our times together, I just posted a video on Facebook just a couple weeks ago of me celebrating her birthday in quarantine.”

She also denied claims that she was behind on child support.

“I have proof of that, and in the state of Washington, you can’t get your passport if you are not paid up with your child support,” she said. So, she would not have been able to visit Naeck and film 90 Day Fiance had she not paid her child support.

Who does Avery think created the list?

Though no one has owned up to making the list of accusations, Warner thinks that it was created by her ex-husband, Scarlett’s father.

“Now that he has more leverage and people to play with who don’t actually know the situation, he is trying to take full advantage of that just to try to exert his anger toward me,” she said.