’90 Day Fiancé’: Tom Brooks Reveals the Real Reason He Met Darcey Silva in New York

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days fans watched Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva’s long, drawn-out breakup unfold in Season 4. When Tom invited her to meet up with him to talk in New York, Darcey was suspicious he was going to break up with her. And that is more or less what happened, but, as it turns out, that wasn’t Tom’s intention.

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Tom and Darcey at the ’90 Day Fiancé’ Tell-All

As was the case for all the Season 4 couples, we got a closer look at Tom and Darcey’s relationship during the “Tell-All.” Darcey’s biggest problem with Tom was that he wasn’t honest with her when he met and started seeing Shannon.

Shannon didn’t attend the “Tell-All,” but she did write a letter that host Shaun Robinson read aloud. In the letter, we learned that she thought Tom was single when she met him, and that she even thought Darcey was “dating another man.”

When Tom was asked by Robinson why he didn’t tell Darcey about Shannon after meeting her, he replied that they’d just had a big fight. He all but considered their relationship over.

As for Shannon, she seems to not harbor any negative feelings toward Tom or Darcey. She wrote that she wishes both of them “the very best.”

Why Tom wanted to meet Darcey in New York

The former couple’s “Tell-All” interviewed also touched on their heated meeting in New York. Darcey thought Tom wanted to meet to officially end their relationship. If that was the case, she told him to just do it over the phone. But he insisted on meeting in person.

During the “Tell-All,” Tom said that he didn’t go to New York to break up with Darcey. He went to see if he still had feelings for her and consider getting back together. He said the outcome of the meeting depended on how their conversation went. When prompted by Robinson, Tom also revealed that he did not tell Shannon his intentions of meeting up with Darcey at the time.


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Darcey appeared to be unamused by this reveal.

“Tom was out for Tom,” she said a couple of times throughout the reunion episode.

By the end of the two-night finale, Tom apologized to Darcey and Darcey said she wishes Tom “all the best.” A pretty civil wrap-up to an otherwise ugly breakup.

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