‘90 Day Fiancé’: Update on Mike Youngquist’s Relationship Status As Estranged Wife Natalie Flirts on ‘The Single Life’

What has 90 Day Fiancé star Mike Youngquist been up to since his estranged wife, Natalie Mordovtseva’s debut on 90 Day: The Single Life? Rumors circulated that he may be dating another reality TV star. Here’s what we know about Mike’s current relationship status.

Mike Youngquist at dinner on '90 Day Fiancé' | TLC
Mike Youngquist ’90 Day Fiancé’ | TLC

Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist separate

During the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 6 tell-all, Mike revealed that Natalie had left him and moved to Florida. Natalie convinced Mike to continue supporting her financially during the separation. After finding out that Natalie was dating other men, Mike cut her off financially and vowed to start the divorce proceedings.

On the premiere of 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie said, “It’s been a half year since I left Mike, my husband. I was with Michael for more than four years, and now we are not together.” Natalie revealed, “Breaking up with Mike, it was most of the painful and hard things in my life[sic].” She explained the reasoning behind the move, saying, “So I felt like if there is a place for me to heal, it’s gonna be next to the ocean.”

Is Mike Youngquist dating anyone?

On Sept 25, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels star Marcia “Brazil” Alves ignited rumors that she was dating Mike. The reality TV star posted photos of them partying together in Las Vegas. In the pictures posted by Marcia, she and Mike were having fun in a pool together. Check out Marcia’s Instagram post below:

While there was nothing particularly romantic about their trip to Nevada, it did cause rumors to circulate on the internet. And the VH1 star, Marcia, played up the drama. In the following days, Marcia posted a photo of herself with a skeleton prop. She captioned the picture with a quote that fans took as shade to Natalie.

The caption reads: “Give the person you love honesty, respect trust & passion or be prepared to watch from the sidelines as someone else does it.” Marcia didn’t mention Natalie’s name directly, but she did add the hashtags “#rumors, #youknowwhoyouare #90dayfiancé,” which fans thought was directed at Natalie. However, there haven’t been any more photos of the two reality TV stars together since that weekend in September.

Natalie flirts with men on ’90 Day: The Single Life’ Season 2

A clip for 90 Day: The Single Life Season 2 shows Natalie being single and ready to mingle. In the premiere episode, Natalie learns all about the Fourth of July festivities with her new friends. The 37-year-old Ukrainian beauty hangs out on the beach and mingles with the young men at the party.

On top of celebrating America’s independence, she says she’s celebrating her own independence as she’s been living alone for the last four months. In the clip, she’s learning how to play the game Cornhole with two younger men. She says, “Here I am, by the ocean, surrounded by many good-looking single man [sic]. I feel good.”

90 Day Fiancé fans thought that Mike and Marcia were an item, but there’s a lack of proof. Also, neither of them have confirmed nor denied the rumors. But it’s safe to say that the two reality TV stars are just friends.

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