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Usman Umar and Lisa Hamme were always an unlikely couple on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Not only was there an over 20-year age difference between them, but Umar was an up-and-coming rapper in Nigeria, which meant that he could have just been with Hamme or “Babygirl Lisa” as fans affectionately call her, to get to America to work on his music career. But now, Umar has admitted the real reason that he agreed to marry Hamme.

Usman Umar
Usman Umar | Instagram officialsojaboy

How did Lisa and Usman meet?

The two lovers met through a mutual friend. When they first started talking, Hamme didn’t know if she could trust Umar or if he was a scammer who was just looking for a ticket to the U.S.

“We met online,” Hamme said in an interview with Without a Crystal Ball. “We met through a mutual friend out of the UK. I knew her, she knew him, and he was looking for a female companion. And I just knew her reputation, I’m like, uh, I don’t know about this…but send him through my filtered messaging, and I’ll see what it’s about.”

Despite her better judgement, Hamme gave Umar a chance.

“I was 49 and Usman was 29 when we first met,” she said. “And when we first met, I’ll be honest with you…I honestly thought, oh, great, another yahoo boy out of Nigeria that’s going to harass me to no end. And I gave him the benefit of the doubt because I don’t like that stigma.”

Usman reveals why he married Lisa

Umar recently did an Instagram Live where he revealed a lot of shocking information about his relationship with Hamme.

“I’m doing this to make Lisa happy,” he said of marrying her. He admitted that he “didn’t know what would happen” when she came to visit him in Nigeria. “I just have to let her come and give her a trial.”

At first, Umar told Hamme that he was in love with her but later decided that he couldn’t keep up the charade. He said that he didn’t love her for real but he stayed with her to make her happy. He claimed that she told him she would commit suicide if they broke up so he agreed to marry her.

“That’s how it happened,” he said. “Because if I didn’t love her,” Lisa said she’d “kill herself.”

He said that he did tell her his true feelings.

“I don’t love you for real honestly,” he recalled saying, but he still went through with the wedding.

But it doesn’t seem like Umar married Hamme just out of the goodness of his heart, as he revealed in a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance, getting to America was his ultimate goal.

“I want to go to America,” he told the cameras. “So, I will do anything possible to make sure that it will happen.”

Will Usman get married again?

Getting married to someone seems like an extreme thing to do just to keep them happy but Umar isn’t worried about it because he thinks he will probably get married again.

“I’m allowed to get married to four wives,” he said during the conversation. In Nigeria, the government will allow a man to have up to four wives. But if Umar comes to the US, like he seems to be set on doing, he won’t be able to marry multiple women.

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