’90 Day Fiancé’: Usman Umar Is Worried Babygirl Lisa Hamme Would Call the Cops on Him and He’d ‘Go to Prison for No Reason’

90 Day Fiancé star “Babygirl” Lisa Hamme recently announced on Instagram that she believes Usman Umar was scamming her to advance his music career and that they have broken up.

Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar
’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar | Instagram @baby_girl_lisa_2020

“He used me. He married me just to be on a TV show that people would recognize his name to sell his music. I tried to work with him, his brothers tried to work with him. He thinks it’s just him, he thinks he’s going to do what he wants and he’s never going to apologize for anything he’s ever said bad about me. He’s posing as what you call a romance scam, which is very illegal in Nigeria. It puts that stigma back onto Nigeria again and that’s what I didn’t want to do,” she said in an Instagram Live video.

Usman says that he did not scam Lisa, that if he wanted to scam someone just to come to America he would have chosen “someone who is rich.”

Usman Umar was worried about how Lisa Hamme was going to treat him once they lived together

In an interview Usman did with The Domenick Nati Show on May 31, he seemed to be relieved that he and Lisa had split. He said that none of his friends and family like Lisa and that he had to force his feelings for her.

Additionally, Usman was worried about what his life was going to look like once he moved in with Lisa.

“We fight almost every day,” he said. “What is going to happen to me to be with her in the house and something happen?”

Usman says when Lisa is angry “she’ll say anything.” He’s worried she’d call the police on him “for no reason.”

“She’ll call the cops and I’ll go to prison for no reason,” he said.

Lisa Hamme called Usman Umar the N-word

Not too long ago, Lisa admitted to calling Usman the N-word. She apologized on her Instagram, but many 90 Day Fiancé fans found her remarks disingenuous.

“It is said if you sin and you apologize and you pray for forgiveness, it is forgiven. So, my husband and I, it is a private manner between him and I. Because they are not going to drop it and it’s sad. Because the world needs to be united. We are human beings,” she said on Instagram Live.


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Lisa continued: “It just bothers me that there are so many hateful people in the world. We have people dying every day. I made the mistake of saying the N-word. I apologized several times. But you still want to come at me. This is something between my husband and I. but I’m here to take your abuse.”

Fans will remember that Usman’s mother was worried about her son moving to America with Lisa because “whites don’t like the blacks over there.”

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