’90 Day Fiancé’: Varya Reveals the Meaning Behind Her Ring and If She Kept the One Geoffrey Gave Her

This season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days ended with a few couples getting engaged. One of them was Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina. Malina answered a question about the ring she recently been wearing and if she kept her engagement ring.

Geoffrey Paschel proposed to Varya Malina on ’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’

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The season started with Paschel going to Russia to meet Malina and propose. The trip didn’t go smoothly because he revealed to her that he went to prison due to a drug conviction. When he did propose, Malina told him that they should spend more time together.

Paschel decided to breakup with her after this rejection. He went back to Tennessee and tried to move on by dating his friend Mary Wallace. Malina caught them at his home together when she decided to surprise him.

The season ended with Paschel proposing to Malina again. This time she happily accepted.

They won’t be at the ‘Tell All’

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This season will continue through the “Tell All” episode. The cast will reunite and tell fans what happened after the finale.

Paschel wasn’t invited to film and Malina refused to participate without him. This is because it was revealed that Paschel was accused of domestic abuse by an ex-girlfriend.

Malina said they will be doing their own Tell-All. “I’m happy you’ve finally seen the last episode and now you know what happened half a year ago,” she said on Instagram Live. “Time flies so slow when you are apart far from each other. How much mess we went through past six months… how it affected us… what is our current status… We’ll tell you soon in our own ‘Tell All’. Stay tuned.”

She still has his ring but wears her own

Varya Malina
’90 Day Fiancé’ star Varya Malina | Instagram @varya.malina

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Malina was on Instagram Live with The Domenick Nati Show. He started by asking her about a ring she was wearing.

“I did see your left hand” the host told her. She then left and returned with another ring.

“All people ask me question why I’m wearing this ring on the right hand. This is my ring. This is my protection from the man’s attention,” she said holding up her hand to show the ring she was already wearing. It looks like it’s silver and black.

“And this ring, this one is that ring which Geoffrey gave me in America,” she said holding up a diamond ring with her other hand. The host asked her if she wears the ring all of the time.

Malina answered that when she’s home she doesn’t wear a ring. The reality star wouldn’t answer if she’s still in a relationship with Paschel.

The host did ask if she would invite any 90 Day Fiancé co-stars if they did get married. “I had one big wedding in my life so I prefer to do a small, only two people somewhere in a different country, not in America,” she said.

Fans will have to wait for Paschel and Malina to reveal if they’re still together. All we know is that Malina still has the ring.