’90 Day Fiancé’: Varya Was Suspicious Geoffrey Was Talking to Someone Else When He Visited Her in Russia

90 Day Fiancé star Geoffrey Paschel went to Russia to propose to Varya Malina. When he asked her to marry him she replied, “not now,” and he took that to mean “no.”

Geoffrey and Varya of '90 Day Fiancé'
Geoffrey and Varya of ’90 Day Fiancé’ | Instagram @varya.malina

“I don’t feel like I broke up with her when I left. I felt like she ended the relationship,” Geoffrey said in an interview with The Domenick Nati Show on May 19.

“With her turning me down with a ‘not now,’ I was done. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I put so much into it and I didn’t feel like I got it back,” he continued.

Varya didn’t know that she and Geoffrey had broken up

Varya, on the other hand, took her answer to mean exactly what she said: not now. So when she surprised Geoffrey in America, she was shocked to find Mary at his house.

“I thought we are still in a relationship. I didn’t know about the other chick. So, for me, was like big surprise,” she said in an interview with The Domenick Nati Show on June 3.

“He didn’t tell me that he moved on and he was dating other person,” said Varya.

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When Varya showed up at Geoffrey’s door, he was in the midst of ghosting her. He had been ignoring her messages or replying with one-word answers for the past month in hopes that their relationship would fizzle out. Meantime, he began to rekindle things with Mary.

“With Mary going on… you know, three months. I wasn’t in mourning. It was like nobody died in that sense. It was just me getting over–it wasn’t a rebound because I was with Mary long ago and first. So, if anything, I was rekindling and basing it off of the emotions I was feeling,” he said. “So when Varya showed up again it was kind of like, ‘What the hell? What do I do?’”

Varya was suspicious of Mary back when Geoffrey visited her in Russia

Though Varya was surprised to find Mary at Geoffrey’s house, she said she had an inkling that Geoffrey was messaging another woman while he was visiting her in Russia (to propose).

“I kind of knew about [Mary’s] existence because I saw her messages pop up in his phone when he was in Russia. I thought, ‘You know, women are more sly than men,’” she said.

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When Varya saw Mary face-to-face, things got heated. Varya says she did end up apologizing to Mary for her reaction, but Mary didn’t accept.

“It wasn’t maybe sincere at that moment, but I understood that I was wrong being very rude and I apologized. But she wasn’t ready to accept the apology. Now we don’t have any connection to each other. No communication, no friendship,” she said.

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