’90 Day Fiance’: Was Juliana Custodio Married Before?

For some reason, the people on 90 Day Fiance love to keep secrets. It’s like they’ve never seen the show before and don’t know that everything comes out during filming. And whatever secrets the couples are able to sneak past producers, are always snuffed out by fans.

After looking into Juliana Custodio‘s past, fans have come to the conclusion that Custodio may have been married before. If that is the case, then she definitely never mentioned it on the show or told her husband-to-be, Michael Jessen. So, is it true?

Juliana Custodio
Juliana Custodio | Instagram: @Michael_jessen_77

How did Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio meet?

Jessen met Custodio while he was on vacation in Croatia. As soon as he saw the international model, he was drawn to her.

“My fiancé’s name is Juliana,” Jessen told People. “She’s from Goiania, Brazil. Juliana and I met on a big yacht party that a friend of mine was throwing in Croatia. There were a lot of celebrities there.”

“I remember when I first saw her. She’s beautiful, amazing body — I don’t necessarily believe in love at first sight, but it’s like we were kindred spirits,” he continued.

After meeting, Jessen applied for a tourist visa for Custodio so she could visit him in the U.S. After the visa was denied, Jessen knew he had to do something drastic to get his girlfriend to the states.

He, then, proposed to Custodio and applied for the K-1 visa.

Was Custodio married before?

If Custodio is hiding something, she definitely isn’t being as private as she should be. In fact, she recently hosted a Q&A session with her Instagram followers where they could ask her whatever they wanted. So naturally, one person asked about her ex.

“How long were you married to Kayque [and] how old was Luigi when you were with him,” one person asked.

“Ugh, guys, I wasn’t married to him!” she responded about Kayque. “We just lived together. And Luigi was 45, and he was just my boyfriend.”

Even this admission was a little alarming as Custodio is only 23, which means that Jessen isn’t the first over-forty-year-old that the young Brazilian has dated.

Criticism of the relationship

Since the show premiered, people have been skeptical about whether Custodio is in the relationship for the right reasons or not. And it’s not only viewers who have been wary of the relationship.

When Custodio went in for her K-1 visa interview, she was asked if she was a prostitute.

“They just asked stupid questions,” she said on the show. “They asked me if I had been working as a prostitute the last 10 years.”

But Jessen doesn’t care what people think.

“It’s never bothered me at all because living in it, I understand it,” he told E! News. “And if I could understand from an outsider’s perspective there would be many judgments that people would leap to and that doesn’t bother me one bit. People are welcome to think, feel what they want to. We’re together, we love each other, it’s very much real.”

“We’ve made a very big decision to spend the rest of our lives together. The only person I care about when it comes to how they feel about our relationship is Juliana.”