’90 Day Fiancé’: Was Racism 1 of the Reasons Deavan Clegg Left South Korea?

Deavan Clegg has had a rough time in South Korea. This season on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, she has been disappointed by her husband Jihoon Lee time after time. But now, she is opening up about the rest of her experience in Korea, and it turns out that Lee wasn’t the only thing that was disappointing.

Deavan Clegg looking at the camera, standing outside
Deavan Clegg | deavanclegg via Instagram

What’s been happening with Deavan and Jihoon?

Before the season began filming, Lee convinced Clegg to move to South Korea, promising her that he would take care of her and the kids. When Clegg arrived, it was clear that Lee had been telling little lies to get her to move.

“I don’t really have a job,” he said on the show. “I have a side job doing deliveries. It goes by the hour and it’s a part-time job. I lied to Deavan because if I have no money, Deavan’s not [coming] to Korea.”

When Clegg found out, she thought about leaving Lee.

“It feels absolutely like s*it that he tricked me,” she said. “I don’t know what I’m going to do right now. And I just really need some time away from Jihoon to figure out whether I’m going to stay with him or if I’m going to go back to America and leave him.”

Since the show has been airing, news broke that Lee and Clegg are no longer together.

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Deavan Clegg’s experience with racism

Clegg has gone live on Instagram more than a few times to air out how she feels about certain things. Now, a video that Clegg made a few months ago has been resurfacing. In the video, captured by Reality Star Gossip, Clegg opened up about the racism that she experienced in Korea.

She claimed that it wasn’t easy to accuse people of racism there as you could get put in jail for defamation for claiming that someone was racist.

“My rant is I’ve just experienced a lot of f*cking racism here and I’m getting f*cking fed up with it and it’s a huge problem. Just Google it,” she said. “I don’t want to raise my kids in a society like that.”

The racism that she experienced was part of the reason that Clegg decided to leave Korea.

“I’m saving money. When I have money I’m gonna move straight back to America,” she said.

When people asked why Clegg didn’t do more research on Korea, she claimed that she did actually know a lot about the country.

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“If I didn’t know about Korea why would I turn on international location on my dating app?” she said. “My son’s Korean, so, of course, I know about Korea. We learned about Korea in high school and I live here.”

Though the second season of The Other Way hadn’t aired yet when she created the video, Clegg gave fans a little foreshadowing as to how things would go.

“I’m not happy, I want to go to America really bad. I hate it here,” she said.

Clegg is now back in America with her rumored new boyfriend Topher Park. Lee has admitted that they are no longer together and that he plans to see their son Taeyang every summer.