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The beauty of 90 Day Fiancé is that the twists never stop. The show has perfected the pacing of the drama to keep fans watching over the course of the season. On the June 29 episode of The Other Way, audiences were introduced to a new couple, Tim Clarkson and his Colombian girlfriend Melyza. On the surface, Clarkson and Melyza seem like a great couple, but as the episode goes on, it becomes clear that Clarkson is hiding something from the audience.

Tim and Melyza
Tim Clarkson and Melyza | TLC

Tim and Melyza’s relationship

Clarkson and Melyza met while she was visiting America as an Au Pair. The night he first saw her in a bar, several other guys were trying to talk to her but Clarkson got her attention.

“You know, I honestly think what made her give me a chance in the very beginning was just that I’m genuine, you know?” Tim told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m goofy as h*ll. And I’ve really learned to embrace that and accept that about myself. … I think it was just the goofiness and the fact that she was able to see that I was trying and I was being goofy because I don’t have any game. I just have the genuine aspect of my personality. … I broke her down eventually.”

After only a week of dating, Melyza was offered a new job in Boston. Clarkson stayed in Iowa so the two started a long-distance relationship. During this time, something happened that made Melyza not want to permanently relocate to the U.S.

“You know, every relationship has their trials and tribulations and we’re no different,” he told the outlet. “And there’s just been certain things that have transpired over our relationship that have been … made her more hesitant with moving to the United States permanently. So… [moving to the U.S. is] not completely off her radar, but it’s just been based on what we’ve been through in our relationship. It’s kind of made us reevaluate where we are gonna be together. And I’ve never had an issue thinking about moving to Colombia at all.”

What did Tim do to Melyza?

As Clarkson was preparing to move to Colombia, his friends began questioning why he was moving and not Melyza, who they all knew and seemed to be really fond of.

Finally, Tim came clean about what happened.

“Last year the distance between me and Melyza at that time was very difficult. I felt lonely and the girl I ultimately cheated with was a coworker…It got to a point where we did have a full-out intimate sexual encounter,” he told the cameras.

Because of this, Melyza didn’t want to move and leave her life behind for Clarkson.

“If I’m ever going to gain her trust back, this is something I’ve got to do to prove I’m committed to her,” he said.


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Upon learning this information, Clarkson’s friends were extremely upset.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think he deserves her,” one of Clarkson’s friends said. “You just tarnished any trust she could ever have in you.”

Now, Clarkson is determined to earn Melyza’s trust again and become a person that deserves her.