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Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks’ relationship seems to have finally come to an end. The 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days stars have been through a lot over the course of their two seasons on the show. Initially, Silva thought that the two would get married, now they aren’t even friends. Toward the end of their relationship, Brooks wrote Silva a letter to describe how he was feeling but Silva never opened it. Now, he has finally revealed what the letter said.

Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva
Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva | tombrooks_tv via Instagram

Darcey and Tom’s relationship

Silva and Brooks had been talking on and off for years online before the 90 Day Fiancé cameras showed up. Last season, Silva flew to the UK to be with Brooks. While there, she thought that he would propose. Instead, he gave her the key to his heart, which ended up amounting to nothing. After she returned to the US, the two had trouble remaining in contact. By the time they came to the tell-all, Brooks was fed up with Silva’s constant need for attention.

“I feel when I say to you, ‘I’m in a business meeting, I’ll call you later,’ and I get 1500 text messages, that’s not you respecting me,” Brooks said at the season 3 tell-all. “You ring me at 4 o’clock in the morning then send me 50 messages saying, ‘What are you doing?’ Are you that girl? You can’t ring people at 5 a.m. There’s so much going off in terms of work, I feel like I can’t give you this love and time that you want.”

Despite their misunderstandings, Brooks and Silva continued talking for a while. But this season, Silva found out that Brooks was dating someone else and called it quits for good.

The letter

After Silva and Brooks broke up, Brooks showed up to her house to give Silva a letter. Unfortunately for Brooks, Silva was completely done with him and wanted nothing to do with him or his letter. She refused to take it.

“My first time in Connecticut, and it’s most certainly my last,” Brooks said after leaving Silva’s house. “Having the door slammed in my face was a perfect, fitting ending to what we were.”

What did the letter actually say?

Silva’s sister Stacey ended up ripping up the letter before anyone ever read it. Now, Brooks has revealed what the letter said.

“Hello Darcey,” he said, reading the letter during the tell-all. “I hope this note finds you well. Admittedly, sometimes I’m not the best at expressing myself in person so I thought that I’d sit and pen this letter to you instead. First of all, I wanted to tell you I do think you’re a wonderful woman. You are a kind and loving mother to your amazing daughters and I have the utmost respect for that. You have a sensitive heart and I feel that in fact you are genuinely searching for love and you have a deeply good heart and I don’t want to contribute to that.


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“I didn’t do a good job of that did I? That being said I do have some genuine concerns. I feel you are wrapped up in your past relationship and you carry those burdens in your heart. To be fair, I’ve shouldered a lot and I felt at times I was a lifeline. To repeatedly hear about your heartache and your suffering with your ex while you were inconsolably crying has taken quite a toll on me and has become quite a strain on this new relationship that we have. But at the end of the day and at the very least we can hopefully salvage what we once started with a good, solid friendship, sincerely Tom.”