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On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast Castravet are in Moldova for their second wedding, but things have gotten tense between Andrei and Elizabeth’s father, Chuck, and her brother, Charlie.

At dinner with Andrei’s family and friends, Andrei argues with Chuck and Charlie when they start asking everyone questions about him. In particular, the inquiries into his past are really making Andrei heated. He gets into it with Charlie, and they almost have a physical fight when they get in each other’s faces. What happens when Andrei speaks with Chuck and Charlie about the night’s events? Read on to find out.

Andrei and Charlie almost get into a physical fight

Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet
Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet | elizabethpotthast via Instagram

It’s understandable that Chuck and Charlie would want to know about Andrei’s past, since he’s married to Elizabeth. However, things get a little forceful on both sides as the night progresses. Chuck and Charlie want to know why Andrei left his job as a police detective to move to Ireland, where he actually met Elizabeth. They start asking questions, and things get awkward.

With drinks involved, Andrei gets really upset when Chuck asks the table what they thought about him meeting an American woman in Ireland and the possibility of him eventually moving there. Andrei tells him not to bring up the Green Card stuff, and there’s no turning back from this point.

Charlie then makes a comment that from their perspective, Andrei moved from his home of Moldova to Ireland “to try to get to America.” Andrei thinks they’re asking too many questions, and he tells Charlie to shut up. When Andrei says he’ll talk to Charlie outside, they proceed to get into each other’s faces and almost physically fight. Elizabeth takes Andrei home before anything can escalate further. To add insult to injury, Andrei even tells his brother to instruct Chuck and Charlie to go home.

What happens when Andrei talks with Elizabeth’s father and brother about their argument?

Chuck and Charlie meet Andrei alone on neutral ground. Andrei tells the cameras that he “can’t afford” to not apologize to Chuck, because if not, he can’t “make this wedding happen.” Chuck asks what happened the other night, and Andrei replies, “The alcohol happened. That’s what happened.”

Andrei goes on to admit that he knows he messed up, but his reasoning for talking with Chuck and Charlie isn’t what they were hoping to hear from him.

“I actually realized, after the fact, that I f***** up,” Andrei says. Chuck wants to know if Andrei feels like he should apologize after what happened. Andrei tells them that he spoke to his wife about things, and that she said he needs to talk with them both. Chuck doesn’t like that answer at all.

Andrei takes the time to apologize for the way things played out and for his part in things. He also asks them to stay for the second wedding in Moldova. “I felt, you know, embarrassed,” Andrei tells them. “But, I want to make things better today with you guys. So I’m asking you to stay. You know? Like, I’m sorry.”

‘We’re not discussing finances. I’m discussing feelings’


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It’s pretty clear that Andrei doesn’t want to rock the boat any further, considering Chuck is paying for this second wedding. Things won’t be able to continue if Chuck doesn’t foot the bill, and that would be a disaster.

“It’s very important for me to keep things cool, and to say ‘sorry’ at this point because I have a wedding upcoming. I don’t want Elizabeth to be feeling bad. I want her dad to be here so she can be happy in her heart.”

Chuck isn’t going to just stand there and not say how he feels about the situation. He isn’t mincing words, and comes out and says he thinks Andrei wants them in Moldova because he wants them to pay for it. “I think you want us here because you want us to pay for it,” Chuck bluntly says.

“We’re not discussing finances. I’m discussing feelings,” Andrei awkwardly replies. Suddenly Charlie says he wants an apology too, since Andrei was trying to “fight” him. Andrei then says something that makes the whole tense situation that much worse.

“The fact is Charlie, I think now, and Elizabeth agreed about this. We had the same like, fault in this s***,” Andrei says. Chuck was hoping Andrei would just take all the responsibility for the night’s events.

“We’ll see how you act towards us going forward, whether you’re really sorry about what happened, or if it was just like, ‘Hey man, I went there and told them a few things, and now they’re going to stay and everything’s good,” Chuck tells him.

Andrei insists that he wants them to stay, but it’s unclear how things will play out in the future. It looks like they’re going to stay for the second wedding, and hopefully there won’t be any more drama in Moldova.