’90 Day Fiancé’: What Happens When Annie Meets David’s Kids for the First Time?

David and Annie Toborowsky have been fan favorites on 90 Day Fiancé since their first segment on the series and its spinoffs. One of the most memorable moments between them happens when Annie meets David’s kids for the first time. Read on to learn how it all goes down.

David wants Annie to meet his kids

David and Annie Toborowsky
David and Annie Toborowsky | annie_suwan_toborowsky via Instagram

David and Annie decide to meet up with David’s kids for dinner. Ashley, David’s daughter, has already video chatted with Annie before, but they’ve never met in person, and Annie has never met Jacob, David’s son, either.

David hasn’t even told his children that he’s engaged and getting ready to get married, which is causing stress for Annie because she wants them to know about their relationship.

The dinner gets a little heated

Ashley and Jacob show up for dinner, and it’s a little bit of an awkward moment. Annie says she tries to smile at Ashley, but she doesn’t look at her. The first thing that’s mentioned is the ring on David’s finger. Ashley asks if they’re married, and David explains that they’re engaged. The kids seem genuinely shocked, and things only heat up from there.

“It’s weird for me that Dad wants to marry a 25-year-old,” Ashley tells the cameras. David explains that he didn’t want to tell her through the phone or on video chat. He starts to explain that Annie is in the United States on a K-1 visa, and they have 90 days to get married. David says he wants his children at the wedding.

Ashley starts asking questions

“I feel uncomfortable, I want to leave but, I just stay because for David,” Annie says to the cameras. Ashley asks Annie if she wants kids, which she does. “You see the relationship he has with us, right?” Ashley asks her. “Do you expect that it would be different for your child that you would ever have with him?”

Annie says she doesn’t know. “Maybe you should think about that,” Ashley says. Ashley asks where David was when his son, Jacob, was 13. “So you think that’s going to be any different that he’s not there for him and this is his only son, and just left him to go do what he wanted?”

A drink gets thrown


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“Clearly you don’t know my life then,” David says in response. “I know my Dad, and he can sit there and he can play this all he wants, but we know what’s up,” Ashley says to Annie.

David says that’s the past, and Annie says she hopes it will be different. David tells Ashley that she’s asking about things that aren’t really her business. Things escalate quickly, and Ashley throws her water at her father and she gets up and leaves.

Jacob stays at the table with David and Annie, but Ashley doesn’t return. She explains that David doesn’t even know his grandkids, and it’s hurtful. The dinner didn’t go down well at all, and it’s a surprising turn of events for everyone involved.