’90 Day Fiancé’: Where to Watch ‘The Single Life’ Season 2 ‘Pillow Talk’

The 90 Day Fiancé franchise is becoming a bit of a monster to keep up with. Now that discovery+ is in the mix with shows airing exclusively on that platform, fans are becoming annoyed trying to keep up with it all. The 90 Day Pillow Talk spinoff is a fan favorite, and many have said they prefer the Pillow Talk episodes over the original series. This is especially true when it comes to 90 Day: The Single Life

'90 Day: The Single Life' Season 1 'Pillow Talk' logo includes white letters on a blue background
’90 Day Fiancé Pillow Talk: The Single Life’ | discovery+

‘90 Day: The Single Life’ Season 2 is exclusive to discovery+

TLC was the birthplace of the original 90 Day Fiancè and still has several of the spinoffs. However, there are a few shows that viewers can only watch with a discovery+ subscription. 90 Day: The Single Life is one of those shows, but audiences weren’t head over heels about the series. Instead, they preferred the Pillow Talk episodes featuring some of their favorite couples commenting on the cast members of The Single Life.

Season 2 returned with some familiar faces, including Natalie Mordovtseva, Big Ed Brown, Debbie Johnson, Jeniffer Tarazona, and Jesse Meester, to name a few. However, the overall opinion seems to be that nobody particularly loves any of these cast members. This is why audiences were looking forward to Pillow Talk, but for some odd reason, it’s not airing on discovery+.

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Where can fans watch ‘90 Day: The Single Life’ Season 2 ‘Pillow Talk’?

Because The Single Life is streaming on discovery+, it would make sense that the accompanying Pillow Talk episodes would be there as well. However, TLC and TLCGo are the only places anyone can watch, and that requires a cable subscription. 

No one seems to be sure why TLC made this decision, and fans took to Reddit to voice their complaints. This user created a post inquiring where people could watch episodes of Pillow Talk, “Does anybody know if they’re going to have Pillow Talk for season 2 of The Single Life? I have been checking Discovery+ and nothing is popping up. I would love to see the cast reactions to this mess of a season.”

One Redditor replied, “Its not on D+, but it is on TLCgo which is f–king stupid. Why pay for D+ if i’m not going to get the episode and Pillow Talk on the same platform?”

Another one said, “They aired it last night on TLC after the sneak peek episode of TOW, so presumably it will pop up on Discovery+ in the next day or two. Edit; looks like it’s on TLC Go (just the Pillow Talk episode).”

However, it’s been three days since the season 2 premiere, and there’s still no signs of 90 Day: The Single Life Season 2 Pillow Talk.

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Some viewers feel like the number of ‘90 Day Fiancé’ spinoffs is too much to keep track of

While 90 Day Fiancè has been a hit from the start, some viewers are starting to feel a little overwhelmed with all the options. From 90 Day: The Other Way to 90 Day: Happily Ever After, it can be daunting to those who are interested in diving into the 90 Day universe and ultimately turn some potential audience members off from the franchise as a whole. As for now, it doesn’t look like the franchise will stop expanding anytime soon.