’90 Day Fiancé’: Who is Nicole Nafziger’s Baby Daddy?

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé have often questioned Nicole Nafziger’s parenting choices. Nafziger’s daughter, May, has always lived with Nafziger as a single mother. There’s nothing inherently wrong with single parenthood — fans are more concerned over how prepared Nafziger is to be a mother, and whether or not she truly puts May first. In the meantime, Nafziger has taught May to call Azan Tefou “daddy.” However, May’s biological father is out there, and apparently, he has very little contact with May and almost no role in her life at all.

May calls Azan Tefou “daddy”

One thing that’s given many fans of 90 Day Fiancé pause is Nicole Nafziger’s choice to have May call Azan Tefou “daddy.” It’s apparent that Azan Tefou is the closest thing May has to a father figure in her life, but some fans feel as if it’s bizarre to teach May to call Tefou “daddy,” especially since the couple isn’t married, and might not even end up together. 

Others point out an ongoing concern that Tefou might be scamming Nafziger. Because of this, May calling Tefou “dad” leaves a bad taste in their mouth. An inside source reported to Radar Online that, “Nicole has tried to make Azan a father figure. She makes May call him daddy. That upsets everybody here.”

Fans believe Nicole Nafziger might not be a good mother

Fans have also expressed outrage over the fact that Nicole Nafziger shuttles May to and from Morocco whenever she decides to visit Azan Tefou. The 90 Day Fiancé couple have been trying to get married for years now without success, and some fans feel it’s unfair to May to uproot her life repeatedly this way. 

Add to this the fact that May is slated to enter kindergarten soon, and fans are questioning Nafziger’s parenting choices. They’re concerned May will have to enter kindergarten in Morocco, as Nafziger plans on marrying Tefou there sometime soon. 

One 90 Day Fiancé fan tweeted, “I’m seriously concerned about May! We all joke about Nicole but she is mentally unstable. May is not properly cared for and we already know her mom has anger issues. I hope [and] pray she is safe.” 

One fan reacted to a recent Instagram photo of May, writing, “If you love her so much put her as your top priority, and give her a home and stop bouncing her around from one family member’s house to another. Give her stability and a sense of security. Get a job and support your child and forget about that man that gives no fucks about you or your child! Wake up already! Damn.”

Who was May’s baby daddy?

According to some snooping on Soap Dirt’s part, it appears as if Nicole Nafziger was dating a man named Steve from 2011 to 2013. In previous posts, Steve refers to Nicole Nafziger as his fiancé.

In 2013 Steve posted that he and Nicole Nafziger were expecting a baby girl. Based on the Facebook posts provided by Soap Dirt, it seems as if the couple were relatively happy at one point. However, if this is the same baby daddy Nafziger has discussed in the past, then that’s sadly no longer the case. 

Nafziger has previously explained that she and her baby daddy are barely in touch. “Mays bio dad and I are in contact for May only,” explained Nafziger. “He video chats her once and a while but he hasn’t met her in person before. We live states away. He asks about her but we just live our lives.”

An inside source told Radar Online that this is for the best, however. “He’s never been involved,” the insider said. “He was here for May’s birth, but that’s the last time anyone has heard from him. The only good thing was May.”