’90 Day Fiancé’: Who Is Taking Care of Nicole Nafziger’s Daughter While She’s in Morocco With Azan Tefou?

Nicole Nafziger has been trying to make her relationship with Azan Tefou work for years. Since her time on 90 Day Fiancé, she has been the one making the sacrifices to keep the relationship intact. After not seeing Tefou for years, Nafziger finally made it back over to Morocco just before the borders closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But as she has been posting about her experience in Morocco on social media, people have been wondering who exactly has been taking care of her daughter May all of this time?

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou
Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou | Instagram via alwayssnicole

Nicole and Azan’s relationship

From the beginning of their time on the show, it seemed that Nafziger and Tefou were mismatched. When Nafziger first went to Morocco to meet Tefou, he seemed unenthused about having her there or being around her. The two have since set several wedding dates but have never gone through with the nuptials.

In 2018, Nafziger and Tefou called off their wedding because it was going to be too expensive.

“Instead of the wedding, we have decided to try to open up a beauty shop,” Nafziger said on the show.

Nafziger gave her fiance $6,000 to open the store in Morocco, while Tefou only put $500 into the store and would not show Nafziger’s family pictures of the shop when they asked.

“I am surprised the purchasing of the store takes precedence over the wedding,” Nafziger’s mom said at the time. “That looks suspicious. Maybe this whole store thing is Azan’s get-rich-quick scheme.”

When the two decided not to appear on the show anymore, they still didn’t have a wedding date set.

“They have no plans for a wedding,” a source told RadarOnline. “He can’t get a visa. She’s talked about going back to Morocco, but she doesn’t have money. She has to save.”

Nicole’s trip to Morocco

Nafziger recently took a trip to Morocco to reunite with Tefou. While there, travel restrictions were implemented that made it hard for people to travel internationally.

“Sucks everything is closed,” she wrote on her Instagram story from Morocco. “I am still in Morocco for everyone who wants to know. Not going home just yet but I’m fine. We’re good.”

Where is Nicole’s daughter?

Nafziger has been in Morocco since mid-March, so fans have been wondering where her daughter has been this whole time.

Recently, Nafziger posted a picture of May that alluded to who was taking care of her.

“When your Aunt spoils you with all things Disney,” the caption read.


Why Some ’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans Thinks Nicole Nafziger Is Staying Alone in Morocco

Sources told In Touch that May and Nafziger are FaceTiming almost daily. In April, the insider told the outlet that May was being homeschooled by Nafziger’s mom, Robbalee, and step-dad.

Robbalee has defended her daughter’s choice to go to Morocco.

“I am always concerned that someone will try and take advantage of one of my children, but I have also said that he seems like a really nice person,” Robbalee wrote to a fan in an Instagram comment. “The world is full of loafers, all over the world, the only difference is he is a none [sic] working boyfriend in another country. We have them here too. I would rather have her here, but she is in charge of her own life and has to make her own decisions. I can only guide her to a better one. The rest is up to her. I love her no matter what. Thank you for your concern!”