’90 Day Fiance’: Why All the Castmembers are Calling TLC Out

90 Day Fiance has become such a cult classic that the show has a number of spin-offs. The success of the show is largely due to the crazy stories that are featured on the series each season. The producers must truly scour the earth to find some of the most insane storylines to keep viewers coming back.

Sasha and Emily 90 Day Fiance
Sasha and Emily 90 Day Fiance | Instagram: @emily.larina

But over the course of the years, some cast members have come out and said that TLC took some liberties when portraying their stories. In fact, some have accused the network of downright lying through editing.

Emily Larina calls TLC out

Emily Larina is one of the latest cast members of the TLC show to call the network out. Emily and her husband Sasha have been facing a lot of backlash after fans felt that Sasha was cold and uncaring. On a recent Instagram post, Emily said that she doesn’t feel like TLC showed the real Sasha.

“For a while, I was disappointed that the world didn’t get to meet the Sasha I know,” she captioned a photo of the two of them. “The man I know is always thinking about how he can be a better provider for his family. The man who sees something in the store and says, ‘I want to send this to my father, son, brother, etc.’ The man who doesn’t have a lot of possessions because he’s so giving. I remember asking why he was always giving his clothes away to his brother, and he’d say, ‘Because it’s better that he has them than me.'”

She went on to say how hard Sasha works to make sure she is happy.

“He would work split shifts but still come home on a long metro ride to check on me,” she said. “He’s the kind of man who will help others and expect nothing in return. He’s never afraid to chase his dreams. When his family calls, he answers. I love you, and I’ll forever appreciate you for all you’ve done. I’ve come to terms with everything. I’ll keep the real you to myself.”

Michael Jessen’s problems with TLC

Michael Jessen has also had issues with the way TLC portrayed his and Juliana Custodio’s relationship.

“This is the biggest bunch of manufactured bulls–t … shame on you Sharp Entertainment and TLC,” he captioned a screenshot of an episode of the show.

Later, he took to Instagram Live to further express his dismay.

“This has been a very interesting journey for us, for our family,” he said. “Tonight’s episode and really last week sort of planted the seeds, and I think next week we’re going to see more of this stuff. It’s been a little difficult for us to be quite honest. You know, look, it’s a reality TV show. We’re not paid actors. There’s certainly a lot of liberties that are taken in the filming of this and that’s all well and good and it’s fun and games but I gotta say, Sarah(my ex-wife,) and Juliana, myself, we appreciate all the positivity and the support because we are living real lives here.”

Jessen and Larina aren’t the only ones to call TLC out. Jasmin Lahtinen has also complained about the show and Robert’s ex mother-in-law Stephanie Woodcock has also claimed that the show is scripted.