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Ed Brown, better known as Big Ed, has received a lot of backlash for his treatment of his Filipino girlfriend Rosemarie on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Since he has arrived in the Philipines, he has been a little too controlling for fans. Recently, he asked Rose to shave her legs and fans absolutely lost it. Now, Brown has responded to all of the backlash.

Ed 90 Day Fiance
90 Day Fiance | Instagram @thisisbiged

What happened between Big Ed and Rose?

The whole debacle started out with Brown wanting to do a nice gesture for Rose. He told her to shower, ordered champagne, and bought oil so that he could give her a foot massage. The next day, he told her that during the massage, he noticed that she had hairy legs and wanted her to shave them. When Rose seemed confused, he said that he did not like hairy legs and told her that she’d either have to shave them or give him a kiss. Deciding that shaving was the lesser of two evils, Rose went and shaved her legs.

Fan reactions

Fans were not pleased with Brown’s request.

“Big Ed and shoulders got a lot of nerve criticizing unshaven legs for someone who has no neck, lied about his height by 6” and uses mayo as a conditioner,” one fan tweeted.

“Big Ed finds a 23-year-old to date and then he demands she take an std test…then he sleeps with her and then tells her to shave her legs bc it’s gross???” another person wrote. “She needs to tell him he ain’t no George Clooney either. Big Ed has no chill.”

“Big Ed is about to be thrown off the balcony of the hotel for asking Rose to shave her legs,” another person wrote.

Big Ed responds to fans

The backlash got so bad that Brown eventually had to respond to it all.

“I woke up last Sunday morning and it wasn’t a good morning because all of the haters came out,” he told Us Weekly. “I had asked Rose if she would shave her legs, and people were really upset about that. And I was having a conversation with my daughter Tiffany, and she’s like, ‘Dad, look, that’s completely normal. I live in San Diego. Everybody goes to the beach, people laser their legs.’ … So it wasn’t something that I was really used to.”

Brown had also come under fire for asking Rose to take an STD test. Since then, his daughter has helped him figure out where he went wrong.

“She wasn’t judging me. She was like, ‘Dad, hindsight’s 2020. If you would have gotten the test before you left the U.S., when you got there, you would have asked Rose, ‘Hey, I want you to take this STD test,’ because I did, then I showed her what I did,” said. “That would have been, I think, more of the appropriate thing to do. I obviously didn’t handle that very well.”

His daughter has also helped him see how he could have gone about a number of things with Rose differently.

“My daughter gave me the best advice possible, but because I wasn’t talking to her at the time, I wasn’t able to get that feedback from her,” he told the outlet.“So I wish I would have handled that a lot differently. But we made up, so it’s all good.”