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The 90 Day Fiancé Season 6 cast is making a lot of changes not just in their relationships, but with their faces. Larissa Dos Santos Lima revealed that she got fillers in her cheeks, lips, and smile lines. Now there is another cast member that is getting fillers. Ashley Martson talked about Botox, fillers, and whether she’ll get more plastic surgery.

Ashley Martson
Ashley Martson Ashley Martson via Instagram ashleye_90

Ashley Martson was previously hospitalized for lupus

Martson revealed that she had to be hospitalized because of lupus on Christmas day. She was reportedly unresponsive in her home due to complications and suffered kidney failure which led to surgery.

After that, Martson filed for divorce from Jay Smith. The couple later reunited and she withdrew the papers two weeks later. Martson said Smith has been helpful with recovering.

Jay completely stepped up since surgery,” she told In Touch Weekly. “[He’s been] taking the kids to school, cooking, cleaning.” She added, “He makes sure I’m comfortable and is always eager to get whatever I need.”

Since then it looks like the couple is staying strong after quitting 90 Day Fiancé. They seem to be moving on with their lives and for Martson that includes Botox and lip fillers.

Martson got Botox and lip fillers because of wrinkles and evening her lips

The reality star opened up about going in for recent treatments like Botox. “I chose to get Botox because I was starting to get wrinkles,” Martson told Radar Online. “I want to preserve my youth.”

She also talked about why she got lip fillers by saying her “upper lip is much smaller than the lower.”

Jay Smith gave his opinion about the fillers. “I don’t really like when Ashley gets Botox and lip fillers,” he said. “But she is my wife and if that’s what she wants to do I’m going to support her one hundred percent.”

Martson also posted an Instagram picture with Smith and someone from Dolce Aesthetics New York. She wrote in the caption, “A big shoutout to @dolceaestheticsny She did such an amazing job! I wanted to keep it natural and I am beyond Happy with my results! She explained everything she was doing and made me very comfortable during the procedure. I got botox in my forehead and Juvederm In my lips I posted my results on my story for everyone to see. She has three locations and I highly recommend her @dolceaestheticsny offers a variety of procedures!”

She is open to getting more plastic surgery

This isn’t the first time Martson has done something like plastic surgery. She got a breast augmentation before and she isn’t quite done.

“I am open to more surgery in the future,” she said. “I care about my physical appearance and will do what I can to maintain it.” That plan might not include going under the knife. “I would get more fillers or Botox,” she said. “There isn’t anything else I’m interested in.”

So Martson seems to be into Botox and lip fillers for now. Although she had a breast augmentation in the past she isn’t into getting anything more done for now.

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