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On the March 20 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Season 5, Ximena Morales and Mike Berk break up officially. While there may be many red flags in their relationship, what was the final straw for this couple? Here’s why Ximena and Mike decided they’re better off apart.

Ximena Morales is wearing a pink bandana looking at Mike Berk, worried on '90 Day Fiancé'.
Mike Berk and Ximena Morales, ’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ | TLC

Mike accuses Ximena of using him for money

At the end of their date together playing pool, Ximena and Mike discuss their relationship. Since Mike returned to Colombia to Ximena for their second trip, they haven’t been able to connect.

Mike says, “Ximena has been treating me with the cold shoulder almost this entire trip. And I’m really just tired of walking on eggshells, reading between the lines, thinking about what’s going on in Ximena’s head.”

Mike is wearing a yellow shirt and is sitting by Ximena who is wearing a white tank top and pink bandana in a bar on '90 Day Fiancé'.
Mike Berk and Ximena Morales, ’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ | TLC

On their date, Mike asks Ximena, “I just want to ask. You don’t love me, you need your space, I just can’t stop thinking that your feelings changed when I stopped saying yes to buying everything.”

Ximena immediately becomes defensive after reading the translation of Mike’s words. She tells the cameras, “This really offends me. It makes me really angry because a person who loves someone doesn’t say that. He’s humiliating me, he’s throwing things in my face.”

She continues, “If Mike thinks that I was only with him for the money, [then] he never really knew me. He really didn’t.”

Why did Ximena ultimately break up with Mike?

After Mike accuses Ximena of using him for money, she gets upset and tells him the truth. She says, “What? You have things that I don’t like. That’s what totally changed my feelings. So, and you still pay my rent, so that’s not it.”

Ximena says, “From now on, we’re friends, you don’t sent me money. You don’t help me with anything and I pay for my things.” She tells Mike, “You will no longer be my boyfriend, nor will I be your girlfriend. We’ll be friends, if you want.”

After Ximena breaks up with Mike, he tells her, “Anything I paid for, I wanna take back with me to New York.” She replies, “If you want to take everything in my house, take it all. I don’t need it. Today our relationship is over. And I’m serious.”

Other reasons why they weren’t compatible

Earlier this season, Ximena expressed how she didn’t like Mike’s habits and behavior. She described it as “super gross” and “weird.” She said earlier this season, “He has thousands of things that are degenerate, slobbish, piggish. And I don’t know how to explain to him to change all those things.”


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It seems that they just weren’t a goot match. Early on, Ximena made it clear Mike is not her usual type of guy. She explained how he’s totally different than any of the men she’s dated in her past. However, she had hope she could look past his physical appearance.

Mike and Ximena’s break up doesn’t surprise most 90 Day Fiancé fans. Ximena already broke her NDA by posting pictures of her new man.

Fans are eager to find out what happens next week, when Mike refuses to leave Ximena’s house because he’ paid her rent. 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays on TLC and discovery+.