’90 Day Fiancé’: Why Fans Think Chantel Is Really to Blame for the Family Drama

On 90 Day Fiancé, there has been more than a lot of drama, and one couple in particular seems to have a lot of it. Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno have lived their lives in front of the cameras, and consequently, people have a lot of opinions about their relationship. Read on to learn why some fans think Chantel is to blame for the family drama surrounding her and Pedro.

Chantel and Pedro don’t seem to get along with each other’s families

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno
Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno | Chantel Everett via Instagram

It is essential when you date a person to try and get along with their families. It shows how much someone cares and that they value a person and their relationships. Chantel and Pedro have had their fair share of problems with each other’s family members to say the least.

There have been explosive arguments, and even a famous dinner fight involving Chantel’s brother River and Pedro. Everyone had to get involved to break it up, but the damage was done. Even long after the situation occurred, the families still talk about it, each with their own outlook on what happened.

Why fans think Chantel is really to blame for the family drama

Fans of the series and its spinoffs have been known to take to Reddit to discuss every detail of the drama, especially when it comes to Chantel and Pedro’s relationship. The whole situation started off on the wrong foot when Chantel’s family thought Pedro was in the United States on a student visa.

“Chantel is the only person to blame for this … mess,” a Reddit user wrote. “She is an instigator. I am very surprised no one in this whole situation has called her out on this. This entire issue began when she lied to her family about Pedro being on a student visa.”

Some fans agree that Chantel should never have lied about why Pedro was in the U.S. “I agree about Chantel. She set the tone for this relationship by lying about her engagement. Ever since then, she has stirred the pot in every way,” a Reddit user wrote.

The dinner fight between Chantel’s brother River and Pedro was explosive


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A huge topic of interest is the famous dinner fight between Chantel’s brother, River, and Pedro. Pedro and Nicole, his sister, come over to Chantel’s family’s house for dinner, and it doesn’t go down well. After an argument, River hits a light fixture after Pedro stands up, and Pedro proceeds to walk around the table. There is an altercation and it takes everyone to break them apart. Chantel cries hysterically after the fight, and it’s a sad turn of events.

Many fans think Chantel started things by telling her family what was going on in regards to Nicole’s stay in Atlanta with her and Pedro. “She seriously just needs to grow up. Pedro and family Pedro also have a ton of issues to deal with, but I am so tired of seeing Chantel play the … victim when she is causing many of the problems,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

One fan laughed at Chantel crying at the end of the fight. “Chantel is pretty much the cause of the whole beef between Pedro and the Family Chantel,” a fan commented. “I actually laughed at the end of the fight scene when she was seen crying because she was seriously acting like she wasn’t the root cause of all of the issues between the two sides.”

Another fan believes Chantel is the real “instigator,” but Pedro isn’t exactly blameless in things either. “Completely agree with Chantel as the instigator, and Pedro does a similar thing (less extent) with his family,” said a fan.

Numerous fans of 90 Day Fiancé believe Chantel is the cause of a lot of the family drama in her relationship with Pedro.