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The show left off with Geoffrey Paschel caught between Varya Malina and Mary Wallace. Some 90 Day Fiancé fans are questioning if Wallace is an actress. Find out the reason why and more about this season’s cast. [Spoilers for the episode, “The Pleasure Principle.]

’90 Day Fiancé’ star, Geoffrey Paschel was dating Varya Malina 

Geoffrey Paschel | Geoffrey Paschel via Instagram

The season started with the Knoxville resident going to Russia to meet Malina. However, things took a turn when he revealed that he previously went to prison.

She turned down his proposal asking for more time. He decided to end their relationship and go back home. In the episode, “The Pleasure Principle” we see him moving on.

“When I left Russia it was kind of depressing,” he said. “But I just don’t think I should hold back anymore. I think I should really explore what’s out there for me and you know when I was here with Mary she really actually said ‘Why not me?’”

He took Wallace out to dinner in the episode. She said she wanted a relationship with him as long as he was no longer in contact with Malina. The episode then ended with Malina surprising him at his home and Wallace was there too.

Paschel has worked as an actor

Fans were already suspicious of Paschel because he has worked as an actor. He was in 14 projects including Murder Chose Me and Murder Calls.

People started questioning Paschel’s authenticity on 90 Day Fiancé. “Every time Geoffrey talks I feel like he’s reading a script but is a bad actor. Is that a real personality? #90DayFiance,” tweeted one fan.

There are moments where things get emotional between him and other people and fans are looking at the scenes differently. One fan tweeted, “Geoffrey is an actor. That is what he’s overly sensitive in his scenes because it’s actually acting.”

Fans are wondering if Mary is an actress

There is an old picture of Paschel and Wallace together with a man on Instagram from 2018. It’s captioned with multiple hashtags including “actors life,” “actress life,” and “set family.”

There is one recent comment on the picture with “The hashtags.. so was the whole thing with your boo acting and not reality TV? That would be sad..”

Fans have accused the reality stars of acting. One tweeted, “Really bad acting from all actors – Varya, Mary & Geoffrey. His smile while trying to act surprised & Mary’s really bad line delivery of ‘What are you doing here?’. All for tv drama, we know Varya is staying w[ith] him. Where’s she going to go? #90DayFiance.”

It’s still unclear what Wallace does for a living. She did post a picture on instagram at work and there was a picture in the background. She is wearing blue gloves. There is a chance that she might act on the side or doesn’t act at all but used the hashtags in support of Paschel. There doesn’t seem to be an IMDb page for Wallace unlike Paschel.


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