’90 Day Fiancé’: Why JoJo Siwa Reached out to Babygirl Lisa Hamme

Babygirl Lisa Hamme is infamous for her 90 Day Fiancé relationship with Usman Umar. Lisa’s often criticized by fans for her treatment of Usman–recently she admitted to calling him the N-word. So why would JoJo Siwa, American teen dancer, singer, and YouTube personality, be reaching out to Babygirl Lisa?

Babygirl Lisa Hamme
Babygirl Lisa Hamme | Instagram @baby_girl_lisa_2020

Why JoJo Siwa DMed Babygirl Lisa Hamme

In an interview the controversial 90 Day Fiancé star did with The Domenick Nati Show on May 22, she said JoJo reached out to her to request that she wish her mom a happy Mother’s Day. She says she’s “the sweetest girl.”

“The one that really shocked me, I didn’t know who she was because I don’t watch TV that often, JoJo Siwa. She reached out to me personally on DMs to wish her mother a happy Mother’s Day. So I did that. JoJo is the sweetest girl. She just turned 17, her birthday passed. She said her birthday wish, she was so excited… it amazes me, all these people. Because I’m the one who’s star-struck. They’re the ones who love the show but I’m the one who’s like, ‘Oh my God, all these people! What do I do?'” said Lisa of her newfound reality TV fame.

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Babygirl Lisa has been doing cameos for fans and celebrities alike since her season of 90 Day Fiancé began airing. She particularly enjoyed doing a cameo for Chrissy Teigen.

“It’s funny, Chrissy Teigen, I love her and her husband. Mason is behind doing all the cameo things, you saw Big Ed did a cameo, Usman did a cameo, and Mason had me do a cameo. I said, ‘How hard do you want me to go at Chrissy Teigen on the cameo?’ And we’re texting back and forth, oh my God, and he said, ‘She’s a huge fan.’ I said, ‘Let me have fun with it.’ I wanted to look for a robe, couldn’t find one, was during quarantine. But she loved the cameos. And that was so much fun. I told Mason, I said, ‘If you can get John Legend to do a rendition of my song, how crazy, I’ll do cameos all year long every day for free,'” she said.

Babygirl Lisa Hamme says ‘very famous people’ have been giving her advice about her calling Usman Umar the N-word

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Lisa also said during the interview that “other very famous people” were giving her advice on how to move forward after it came out that she called her husband the N-word.

“My husband accepted my apology but haters don’t. They want to ride it out to no end. Other very famous people that do entertainment, they said just let it die down. Let the haters just subside. And the ones who are riding it are the ones who are trying to become popular, like you,” she said. “That is their goal. And by any means, they’re going to do it. So I’m just going to ignore those haters. I’ve acknowledged it. I’ve made a public apology on another podcast interview and it was posted to my IG. It was seen by all my fans but it’s still not good enough.”

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