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41-year-old Robert of Winter Park, Florida, and 30-year-old Anny from the Dominican Republic are two of the most controversial cast members on Season 7 of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance.

The couple only met in person one time, for eight hours, before Robert proposed. Some 90 Day Fiance viewers think Anny might be using Robert for money or a green card, while others think Robert was way out of line in keeping his five children from four mothers a secret from Anny until she arrived in the U.S.

On the Dec. 1 episode of 90 Day Fiance, “We Need to Talk,” Robert met up with his five-year-old son Bryson’s grandmother Stephanie Woodcock, who also goes by the adult entertainment name Diamond Foxxx.

Anny was shocked by Stephanie’s profession when she first met her, and the two women didn’t get along well. But as Robert tried to smooth things over, it became even more obvious that there are still obstacles in his way when it comes to his relationship with Anny.

Diamond Foxxx/Stephanie Woodcock
Diamond Foxxx | Diamond Foxxx via Instagram

Robert told Stephanie she was ‘out of line’ with personal questions

At a lunch meeting with Bryson’s grandma Stephanie and her husband Ben, Robert told Stephanie she was “out of line” in the private questions she asked Anny at their first get-together. “Stephanie was way out of line. She disrespected my lady,” he told TLC producers.

In particular, the 90 Day Fiance star didn’t appreciate being questioned about her form of birth control or whether she was practicing safe sex with Robert. “Why would you mention that to her on the first day of meeting someone? That’s kinda out of line,” Robert told his son’s grandmother.

Still, the adult entertainment star defended her decision, saying that she was only trying to protect her grandson. “I don’t think it was out of line,” she told Robert. “I felt like it’s important for her to be practicing safely, just because right now the last thing you guys need is another baby.”

Robert replied that it wasn’t Stephanie’s business what Anny chose to do in her personal life: “Because that’s her body,” the 90 Day Fiance star said, “and if we choose to have a child, that’s between us and nobody else.”

Still, Stephanie said that she had no guilt for what she’d said to Robert’s fiancee Anny.

“I want to say that I feel bad for asking Anny questions that I maybe shouldn’t have been asking her, but I kind of don’t feel bad about it, just because I need to know this,” she told 90 Day Fiance producers.

Bryson’s grandma continued, “I have very serious concerns and I’m not getting the answers I need from Robert.”

Stephanie and husband Ben said they were ‘scared’ of Robert’s relationship with Anny

Ben explained that he and Stephanie were simply concerned about the intensity and pace of Robert’s relationship with Anny.

All of a sudden this girl appeared,” he explained to the 90 Day Fiance star. “She just manifested herself out of the air, and we didn’t know anything about it, so it scared us.”

“You just gotta see it from [our perspective],” he continued. “All of a sudden, here’s this girl, and she’s in Bryson’s life.” He and Stephanie added that they were concerned that Anny would try to keep them out of Bryson’s life if she didn’t ever get along with them.

Robert assured Ben and Stephanie that he would make sure that wasn’t the case. “Whether she like it or not, you’re Bryson’s grandparents, and that’s it,” he asserted.

The three adults came to something of an understanding when Stephanie admitted that she might have come off too strong. “I was blindsided by everything…and you’re right, it’s none of our business what you do with our relationships,” she said.

The 90 Day Fiance star assured her again that he would never put his son in harm’s way. “I’m Bryson’s dad, and I will always make sure he’s taken care of,” he promised.

Stephanie’s husband asked Robert if Anny was a ‘maid’ or ‘mail-order bride’

However, the conflict didn’t completely stop there. Ben said he was concerned about Anny’s role in Robert’s life. He explained that the 90 Day Fiance star only seemed interested in how Anny’s presence benefited him and allowed him to work more while she took care of Bryson.

“I kind of get the feeling that you’re just looking for a maid,” pressed Ben. “Is this really about love?” Ben added that he sometimes wondered if this was more of a “mail-order bride” situation than a genuine relationship.

Robert was offended by the question. The 90 Day Fiance star clapped back, “I’m not like that and y’all know that. If I didn’t love Anny, Anny wouldn’t be here.”

Ben and Stephanie also said they’d love to be invited to Robert’s wedding…but it looks like that might be a question for a future 90 Day Fiance episode.