’90 Day Fiancé’: Rose Vega Reveals the Tragic Reason Her Mother Isn’t On the Show

90 Day Fiancé star Rose Vega appeared on the show’s most recent season, Before the 90 Days, and was in a relationship with San Diego native Big Ed. Rose and Big Ed gave their relationship a chance when he visited the Philippines for two weeks, but things didn’t work out.

When Big Ed visited Rose, he met her sister, her father, and a few other relatives — but he never met Rose’s mom, nor did Rose ever mention her mother.

Rose Vega
Rose Vega | Rose Vega via Instagram

Rose Vega and Big Ed dated for three months before they met

When Before the 90 Days started filming, Big Ed had been dating Rose for about three months, though the two had never met. She lived in the Philippines, and he decided to make the trip overseas to spend some time with Rose and decide whether or not he saw a future with her.

Despite dating for a few months, it seemed like there were things both of them weren’t being fully honest about. Rose refused to talk about her past when Ed asked, and he waited until the last minute to tell her that he didn’t actually want kids.

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Big Ed met several members of Rose’s family

While visiting Rose, Big Ed spent some time at her home, and he was shocked by what he saw. Rose lived with her young son and her sister in the back of her sister’s store. Their home had no windows, and Rose slept on a mattress on the ground. There was also no real bathroom; Rose and the family showered using buckets of water in an open room with a cement floor.

Ed met Rose’s son, sister, and father (her father lives on a pig farm, and they eventually visited that, too). He also met some of Rose’s extended family — but there was never any mention of Rose’s mother, until a fan asked.

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Rose recently revealed that her mother died two years ago

Up until recently, fans didn’t know exactly what had happened to Rose’s mother. Though she wasn’t on the show, there could have been several explanations. It was possible she didn’t want to film, or that she and Rose’s father weren’t together and she wasn’t in the picture. It was also possible that she had passed away.

When a fan left an Instagram comment on Rose’s recent photo mentioning Rose’s mother, Rose finally said something about her mom. “My mom past [sic] away 2 yrs ago,” Rose replied. However, she did not say what her mother’s cause of death was or go into any further detail. Dozens of fans took to the comments to express their condolences.

Rose and Big Ed’s relationship didn’t last

Though Ed seemed to get along well with Rose’s family, their relationship never made it to a proposal. Ed told Rose he didn’t want kids, and she felt betrayed that he’d waited so long to tell her. Plus, she said that having more kids was her “dream.” For those reasons, it didn’t work out between them, and things have since turned pretty messy. Still, Rose has accumulated thousands of fans since being on the show, many of whom think she did the right thing by leaving Ed when she knew she wanted to be a mother to more children someday.