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90 Day Fiancé star Geoffrey Paschel has received a lot of hate from fans due to his criminal history. Fans even organized a petition to try and have him removed from the show as a result of the various abuse accusations made against him by his exes. Now, Paschel is receiving more suspicion from fans, some of whom think that he and Mary, and perhaps Varya Malina, played them all during the latest season of the show. 

Why some ‘90 Day Fiancé’ fans want Geoffrey Paschel gone

Geoffrey Paschel’s checkered past had some 90 Day Fiancé fans calling for him to be removed from the show. This all stems from Paschel’s past relationships, of which there are many, and the accusations of violence and abuse coming from several of his exes. 

USA Today reported that in June, Paschel was arrested following a call to police from his then-girlfriend. According to court documents, his ex revealed that, “He repeatedly bashed/slammed my head into the hardwood floors of my home. He dragged me through the house by my hair and continued throwing my body into walls and furniture. I know this because of blood on my walls, furniture, etc.”

Police officers corroborate her report, saying they “observed a large raised bruise on [her] forehead and abrasions on her elbows and knees.” Additionally, she was diagnosed with a concussion after arriving at the hospital. She also claimed that Paschel disabled her phone so she could not call 911 during the attack. She had to escape to a neighbor’s home to make the call.  

Geoffrey Paschel moved on quick 

For better or worse, it seems as though things weren’t meant to be between Varya Malina and Geoffrey Paschel. Many 90 Day Fiancé fans feel as though Marina dodged a bullet given Paschel’s criminal history and alleged violent tendencies with women. 

However, when the two split, Malina wasn’t trying to end the relationship. Paschel proposed to her, and she told him she’d like more time together before committing to marriage. Paschel did not like that, and flew home. 

Paschel moved on quickly from Malina, however. “The best thing for me to do is just ignore it and try to move on with my life. I feel like she’s messing with my heart,” Paschel said at the time of the breakup.

When he got home, he immediately started dating Mary, one of his old flames.“I want to find happiness and I want somebody to find that happiness with me. I really do see a future with Mary so I’m hoping the closer I get with her, I’ll naturally start forgetting these feelings I had with Varya,” Paschel said. However, Malina later appeared at Paschel’s doorstep, trying to set things straight.

Some fans think Geoffrey Paschel and Mary are playing them

Geoffrey Paschel dated Varya Malina on  90 Day Fiancé
Geoffrey Paschel of 90 Day Fiancé | 90Daygeoffrey via Instagram

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Not all 90 Day Fiancé fans are convinced, however. Some think that all of this is too convenient, and that Geoffrey Paschel, Mary, and maybe even Varya Malina are playing viewers. 

One Redditor pointed out that Mary and Geoffrey Paschel already know each other from mutual acting gigs and events. It seems both of them have acting in their history, something that throws many fans’ into doubt about how much of their story is genuine. 

“They need to STOP hiring actors/wannabe actors. This is certainly not the first time it was discovered. Bring back couples like Nicole and Azan!!” suggested one user.

“Fake relationships to help their floundering careers? Probably. But those criminal charges certainly seem real enough,” opined another Redditor.

Another suggested that the entire season has felt contrived. “I’ve wondered the same thing about them. I think this entire season of BT90D has been a complete load of bs from beginning to end. I want the legit couples and stories back!” they wrote.

“Everything about their storyline is too convenient. My read has always been that, at least the “Mary” aspect is 100% staged,” wrote one fan. This same sentiment has been making the rounds through groups of 90 Day Fiancé fans all season.