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You would think that most people who go on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days would just do one season and be done with it. But as viewers have come to realize, many times a fan-favorite or controversial castmember will remain on the show for multiple seasons, sometimes even with different partners. Darcey Silva has been on four seasons of 90 Day Fiance with two different men so there is no limit to how many times a person can be on the show.

Now that Babygirl Lisa Hamme has gained so much notoriety and been the center of so much controversy, will she be invited to come back onto another TLC show?

Babygirl Lisa Hamme
Babygirl Lisa Hamme | Instagram @baby_girl_lisa_2020

Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar’s relationship

Umar and Hamme met like most 90 Day couples do, online. They were set up through a mutual friend.

We met online,” Hamme said in an interview with Without a Crystal Ball. “We met through a mutual friend out of the UK. I knew her, she knew him, and he was looking for a female companion. And I just knew her reputation, I’m like, uh, I don’t know about this…but send him through my filtered messaging, and I’ll see what it’s about.”

After putting Umar through a series of “tests” to prove that he wasn’t trying to scam her, the two became serious and got engaged.

The controversy surrounding Lisa Hamme

Fans became outraged with Hamme after finding instances of homophobic and racial language used on her social media. Multiple petitions have been created to get her removed from the show.

“Past cast members have been terminated for homophobic slurs, and the same standards should apply for when racist slurs are used,” one of the petitions reads. “TLC should not employ these people regardless of how much attention they get. To keep her shows, they condone it and have selective preferences. She has been documented saying the slur and admitted it on social media. THIS IS NOT OKAY. Make the right choice TLC.”

In leaked footage from the upcoming “Tell All” event, Umar even reveals that Hamme called him derogatory names.

“The point that I want to bring out is. Please, all the American ladies should tell me about this. Is that how America lady behave?” Umar asks during the special.

“If you start this sh*t again,” Hamme says, attempting to block Umar from speaking. “Do not open that can of worms. Do not. Do not start. Let me tell you something. Listen, if you open a can of worms.”

“Lisa, last week you called me ni—er which I know is totally inappropriate in America. You called me ni—er, I don’t even get angry about it because I am used to how you are behaving,” Umar continued.


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Will Lisa Hamme be on ‘The Other Way’?

Though Hamme has sparked a lot of controversy on the show, she has also brought in a number of viewers to the series and always provides the drama that fans want to see. Now, that Hamme has revealed that she is open to moving to Nigeria to be with Umar, fans are wondering if TLC will bring her back to be on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

In a recent interview, Hamme admitted that if she does end up moving to Nigeria, she would like to be on another installment of the show. We will just have to wait and see whether TLC decides she is worth the risk of upsetting fans.