’90 Day Fiancé’: Will Deavan Clegg Give Jihoon Lee Another Chance?

Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way has been eventful for Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee. After Deavan arrives in South Korea with her mother, Elicia, and her two children, she’s hoping this will be the start of her new life. However, things have been very difficult so far, and it just gets worse when Deavan learns that Jihoon hasn’t been honest about his finances.

Deavan left her comfortable life in Salt Lake City, UT hoping that she could have a family with Jihoon, but she now knows his financial situation and that he isn’t actually employed full-time. They just had a son together, Taeyang, and Deavan has a daughter from a previous relationship named Drascilla, who they need to provide for as well.

Deavan Clegg learns the truth about Jihoon Lee’s financial situation

Deavan and Jihoon
Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg | TLC

The money that Jihoon makes from his part-time delivery job isn’t going to be enough to support Deavan and their two children. This is actually Deavan’s second attempt to make a life with Jihoon. She left last time when she learned about Jihoon’s debt and issues with finding steady work. This time, Deavan is finally made aware that Jihoon only has a part-time job and he isn’t making enough to support their family financially. To make matters worse, she had to pay for the apartment they were staying in for the first month.

Deavan meets up with Jihoon and his parents, and Jihoon storms out

Deavan is anxious to talk to Jihoon and his parents, Jung and Hong Ju. Specifically, she wants to know why Jihoon’s money has been going into his mother’s bank account. She wants answers, but it’s hard to communicate with the translator. It gets things all messed up in translation, which just makes the situation so much worse. Jihoon, frustrated, storms out after making a rude comment: “Just go back to America.”

Deavan and Jihoon talk alone

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Deavan sits down outside, and Jihoon comes over to talk with her. Jihoon says he was being selfish and spending money on himself, and Deavan asks why. “Because of long distance, I didn’t take you seriously,” Jihoon admits. This really angers Deavan, who says she never wants to talk to him again. She gets up and leaves. She’s extremely hurt, and says she feels “broken.”

Jihoon insists he’s changing, and goes to talk with her one more time. He says he made a mistake, and he’s going to change. Suddenly, Deavan gives Jihoon an ultimatum involving some money Jihoon previously saved.

“I need you to transfer me the $3000 today to prove that you want me to be here and to prove that you’re going to step up,” Devean explains.

Deavan wants to make sure Jihoon isn’t lying again. “It’s not necessarily about having this money, it’s about knowing he’s not lying,” Deavan tells the cameras. “And I need him to prove he’s not lying.”

Jihoon goes to his mother and tells her they need to go to an ATM to take out the money, and they hurry off. Jihoon returns with the cash, but Deavan is clearly just drained from everything. He takes her back to her hotel, and they talk the next morning.

Will Deavan give Jihoon another chance?

Jihoon wants one more chance from Deavan, and he gets it. “As for the whole budgeting issue, from now on, your money needs to go into a joint bank account,” Deavan explains to him, and Jihoon agrees. “My money. Your money,” he replies.

Deavan decides to give Jihoon one month to get his act together. “Within one month, if you haven’t changed, I will go back to America,” Deavan insists. Jihoon promises to do his best, and it appears he has one more chance to get things right with Deavan.

“I’m giving him this other chance because I believe his son deserves another chance,” Deavan tells the cameras. “I’m doing this for our son.”

Hopefully, Jihoon can find a steady full-time job and work things out with Deavan for a happy future together.