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Geoffrey Paschel has been a source of discord between TLC and fans of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days ever since he appeared on the show. Fans couldn’t even get into his journey for love with Varya because of his past. Paschel is awaiting a number of charges filed by his ex and has a very troubled past with the law. Will these things have an effect on his relationship with Varya?

Geoffrey Paschel
Geoffrey Paschel | Instagram@90DayGeoffrey

What charges is Geoffrey Paschel facing?

On Jan. 17, Paschel appeared in court to waive arraignment on charges of kidnapping, domestic assault, vandalism, and interference with emergency calls.

The incident that these charges stem from occurred in June of last year when Paschel allegedly attacked his then-girlfriend.

“He repeatedly bashed/slammed my head into the hardwood floors of my home,” the woman said in her petition for an order of protection, according to Knox News.

“He dragged me through the house by my hair and continued throwing my body into walls and furniture,” she continued. “I know this because of blood on my walls, furniture, etc.”

Petition to get Geoffrey removed from ’90 Day Fiance’

When all of this information started coming out about Paschel, fans created a petition to get him removed from the show.

“Geoffrey Paschel is on the currently airing TLC show ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days,'” the petition reads. “This petition is to remove him from the show and have him appear on no further shows due to current allegations and criminal charges made against him. We would also like to make advertisers aware of what they are supporting, and hope to see that your companies will not stand for promoting such atrocities as these.”

“He has been accused of kidnapping, abuse, rape, child endangerment, dealing drugs, felony larceny, theft, and battery. He is barred from ever entering Canada.”

The petition went on to accuse Paschel of a number of things.

“He has been accused of abusing his boys physically and using his children as drug mules,” the petition continued. “During the time he was convicted of dealing opiates he was accused of bringing his children along to his drug deals.”

And it mentioned Paschel’s ex’s claims against him.

“He has been accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend including a violent attack in which he dragged her bloody by her hair across the wood floors of their home, slammed her head into the walls, gave her a concussion, and disabled her cell phone so she was unable to call the police. She said she escaped to a neighbor’s house to dial 911. The bloodstains on the furniture and around the house support her claims.”

The petition also accused Paschel of a number of other horrible things like locking his ex-wife in a room with no food or water while she delivered their child.

Will Paschel’s past affect his K-1 visa application?

Paschel plans on applying for a K-1 visa to allow his girlfriend to move from Russia to the U.S. When applying for a visa, U.S. immigration requires that applicants submit their criminal records with the application. If convicted, any of those charges could be enough to discredit Paschel from being a sponsor for Varya.