’90 Day Fiancé’: Yara Reveals Intimate Details About Her and Jovi’s Sex Life

Not many of the couples on season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé are looking too strong. Yara and Jovi have definitely hit a few relationship snags in the short time that Yara has been in the United States. Though fans get to see a lot of Yara and Jovi’s story on the show, viewers definitely don’t get to see much about the couple’s intimate life.

How did Yara and Jovi meet?

Jovi travels a lot for work and during his work trips, he has a good bit of time to just chill.

“I’ve been to 25 countries just for work,” he said on the show. “When I go to that country, I stay on the boat the whole time for 28 days. I work four weeks on, four weeks off, so with my time off, I would just pick a country to go to and spend my four weeks there.”

During his off time, he downloaded an app to meet people and found Yara. He described his future fiancé as the type of girl who “turns heads when she walks the streets.”

The two eventually met up in Budapest, expecting their relationship to be just a quick fling.

“I had zero expectations going to meet her for the first time,” he said. But things quickly changed.

“We had really good sex, and things got better from that point of course,” he continued.

Trouble in paradise

When Yara arrived in America, it was clear that the country was not what she thought it would be. Instead of the glamorous life she hoped to be living, she arrived in New Orleans and was not a fan of the area at all. When she later went to meet Jovi’s mom, Gwen, she didn’t make a great impression.

“Of course I can see why Jovi is attracted to Yara,” Gwen said. “Of course she’s pretty. I can see that. But if I don’t like her and if I get a bad feeling, I’m going to open my mouth. I can’t watch him make a mistake and not say anything.”

The biggest point of contention between Gwen and Yara was that Yara did not want to have a wedding since her Russian family would not be able to attend.

Yara gives details about her and Jovi’s sex life

Since the season has been airing, there has been a lot of speculation about whether Yara and Jovi are still together in real life. They both allude to being in love in their Instagram bios but have not revealed whether they are still a couple.

Recently, Yara did decide to give fans a little more insight into her and Jovi’s relationship with an Instagram Q&A, captured by ScreenRant.

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When a fan asked about the size of Jovi’s private parts, Yara answered, “Why do you think I fly to USA? Really big.”

But not all of her answers were lovey-dovey. When another person asked where Jovi was, Yara responded with, “How I know? Ask him?”

That cryptic answer, along with the fact that the two did not post anything with one another over the holiday,s has fans wondering if the relationship is on the rocks.