’90 Day Fiancé’: Yazan Opens Up to Brittany About the Danger He’s Facing in Sneak Peek – ‘They Might Kill Me’

Yazan Abo Horira and Brittany Banks sat down for a tense confrontation about the dangers Yazan might be facing from his family in his home country of Jordan in a new sneak peek for an upcoming episode of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

Yazan’s brother, Obaida, warned Brittany that there were people in the family who “genuinely hated him now” and “might decide to kill him.” Even Yazan’s father seemed to threaten his son with potential harm or even death. Alarmed, 24-year-old Brittany asked a translator to mediate a conversation between 26-year-old Yazan and herself so she could figure out the whole truth.

Brittany asked her fiancé not to hide things from her anymore

In the most recent 90 Day Fiancé sneak peek, Brittany explained that she’d been shocked to find out her fiancé might be in danger simply because of their relationship. In particular, Yazan’s relatives seemed disturbed by Brittany’s revealing clothing choices on social media.  

Brittany decided to ask a translator, Adam, to discuss the issue so she and Yazan could have “an efficient conversation and really understand each other.”

Through Adam’s translation, Brittany told Yazan about her meeting with his brother Obaida. Obaida told her in no uncertain terms that Yazan had lost a lot due to his relationship with Brittany – and that he might even be in real danger of physical harm.

Immediately, Yazan told his American fiancée not to worry. But Brittany insisted that she needed to be aware of any risks, especially because they were setting a precedent for their marriage.

“I need to feel like he’s not hiding things from me anymore, because that’s what’s causing our trust issues,” Brittany said of Yazan.

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Yazan admitted he might be in danger

Next, Brittany asked, point blank, if Yazan’s life or well-being were truly at risk because of their relationship.

“Right now, with me being here, is he in danger?” she asked him, via Adam.

Yazan took a deep breath and finally nodded reluctantly. “Yes, that’s true,” the 90 Day Fiancé star admitted. “It’s possible. Yes.”

Yazan went on to explain that some people in his family were “fixated” on him and the wrongs he’d allegedly committed by getting involved with Brittany. Those relatives were watching Brittany on social media and didn’t like what they’d seen. They also believed that Brittany and Yazan were already married or at least having sex before marriage behind his family’s back.

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He revealed the harsh reality of what he was facing

“They think [Brittany] works in porn movies,” Yazan told Adam of his critical relatives. Even his own father had suggested he wanted to kill his son – mostly because of pressure from more distant family members.

As a result of the controversy, Yazan revealed that his father would be forced to have a meeting with the Sheikhs of his tribe to see if there was “evidence” that Yazan had done wrong. The only possible verdicts were harrowing, to say the least – and his life might even be on the line.

“They might kill me, or they might disown me,” the 90 Day Fiancé star told Brittany of the possible outcomes. “It’s one of those two.”

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The ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ couple seemed to be at an impasse

As for Brittany, she was aghast at the dire reality of her situation in Jordan. She expressed disbelief that a tribunal of strangers was deciding their fate – especially when Yazan and Brittany’s marriage didn’t affect their everyday lives.

“I don’t get why they’re taking it so far,” the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star lamented. “It’s definitely hard, because we’re not doing anything wrong.”

What’s more, Brittany was no longer sure she could trust Yazan. After all, he’d hidden the risks of their relationship from her before she flew across the world and gave up her old life in Florida to be with him.

But Yazan was only concerned about one thing: Brittany’s intentions when it came to their relationship. He urged her to “forget about the danger, forget everything” and tell him whether she really wanted to marry him or not. He wanted to know most of all if the decision to get married was truly coming “from her heart” – not out of fear of retribution or danger if she didn’t.