‘90 Day: The Single Life’: Debbie Johnson Levels Big Ed for Rushed Engagement to Liz — ‘You Are Desperate’

On 90 Day: The Single Life, just days after coming home from his romantic trip to Mexico to meet Kaory, Big Ed Brown gets engaged to his ex-girlfriend, Liz Woods. In the preview for the upcoming tell-all episode, Big Ed’s co-stars level him. Debbie Johnson calls Big Ed “desperate” for getting engaged so quickly.

Debbie Johnson walking in a green shirt in Las Vegas on '90 Day: The Single Life' Season 2 | TLC
Debbie Johnson, ’90 Day: The Single Life’ Season 2 | TLC

Liz and Big Ed explain why their relationship different now

In the preview for the Jan 28 90 Day: The Single Life tell-all episode (via ET), Liz explains why she decided to give Big Ed another chance. She says, “I realized [that] he realized how his ‘so-called friends’ were using him. He put his friends in check. He makes decisions for himself now.”

Liz says, “The biggest thing before is that he had everybody in his ear telling him what to do. What I recently found out is anytime he broke up with me, it wasn’t him messaging me.”

Big Ed explains, “It was somebody else writing it for me.” He decided to keep it anonymous, but he had someone writing his break-up messages for him. He says the reasoning behind it was that his grammar isn’t that good. Liz confirms, “That person isn’t in our lives.” She says, “This was then, and this is six months later, where we are now.”

Debbie Johnson calls Big Ed ‘desperate’

In the clip, Debbie calls out Big Ed for immediately jumping back into a relationship and engagement with Liz. She pleads with Liz, “Promise me you won’t marry him for a while, at least don’t marry him.”

She says, “Liz, you got to wake up.” Then she tells Big Ed, “You’re not in love with her. You’re using her. You are desperate.”

Debbie Johnson wearing a red shirt on '90 Day: The Single Life' Season 2 | TLC
Debbie Johnson, ’90 Day: The Single Life’ Season 2 | TLC

Big Ed retorts, “Who’s not? Who’s not desperate?” The tell-all host, Shaun Robinson, asks Debbie, “You don’t think Ed is in love with Liz?” Debbie says, “Oh Hell no.”

Big Ed tells Debbie, “No one can tell you who to love… How do you know what’s in my heart?” Debbie replies, “You don’t love anybody except yourself.”

She tells Liz, “Were you aware that during those six months while he’s getting his brain together, that he was out sniffing around for someone who would appreciate him and say ‘yes’? The only reason he wasn’t with those women is because they turned him down.”

Stephanie Matto tells Liz her engagement ring is a ‘bribe’

Despite Debbie’s warnings, Liz continues to defend her choice. She says, “But he’s single. I’m single.” Their other co-star, Stephanie Matto, weighs in on Liz’s engagement to Ed.

Stephanie says, “No, I think ed f—cked up, and I think he was blasted all over the internet for it. He came back crying, and he gave her the biggest gift he could think of, and that’s an engagement. That’s how he got her back. It’s basically a bribe.”

If Big Ed thought that him getting back together with Liz was going to fly under the radar, he’s got another thing coming. It appears that he’s not going to be getting support from his Single Life co-stars. 90 Day: The Single Life tell-all airs Jan 28 on TLC and discovery+.

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