‘The Single Life’: Liz Calls Natalie Out on Filtered Instagram Photos in Tell-All

The 90 Day: The Single Life Part 1 of the tell-all dropped on Jan. 28, 2022, on discovery+, and it seems as though all of the cast showed up, ready to fight. Fans watched as Big Ed, Liz, Natalie, Colt, Vanessa, Debbie, and more sat down to discuss the events of the most recent season. However, arguments erupted before long, and one heated exchange led to Liz calling Natalie out on the filters she uses on her Instagram photos.

The Single Life star Natalie Mordovtseva wearing a blue sleeveless dress
Natalie Mordovtseva | discovery+

Big Ed Brown’s now-wife Liz caught ‘The Single Life’ star Natalie talking about her

To give some background details, Liz and Ed told host Shaun Robinson that they don’t have a prenup for their marriage. Ed admitted that his friends and family think this is unwise on his part, but the 56-year-old Californian remained adamant that the couple doesn’t need one.

As the cast took a break, Stephanie Matto and Natalie Mordovtseva sat on a couch together backstage. Natalie brought up the topic of Liz and Ed’s lack of prenuptial agreement as Liz happened to walk by the area.

Talking to Stephanie, Natalie said, “I think it’s good to sign prenup, honestly, in my opinion. Because if you believe in yourself you should be worried about yourself. For example, me. I want to pursue my career and I know eventually I will start making money and I would want to protect myself. And what I didn’t like, for now, she’s nobody and he’s making all the money.”

Liz opened the curtain and confronted Natalie right away, “I don’t have a problem signing the prenup like I just said out there.”

Natalie, taken aback, replied, “You know that this is bad manners to listen to our conversation.” She continued to attempt to deny that she wasn’t talking about Liz, but Liz wasn’t buying it. “I will sign a prenup once it’s drafted, like I said out there. Why don’t you use your ears?” she snapped.

As she walked away, Natalie mumbled “b****” too quietly for Liz to hear.

Liz complained to Ed about Natalie’s filtered photos

Liz, obviously annoyed with her and The Single Life star’s conversation, told Ed about the situation. 

“Natalie’s talking s***. She was talking about the prenup and I heard them talking. I heard your name. They don’t f****** listen,” Liz said. Ed told her, “You did good,” to which Liz replied, “Yeah, well, at least I don’t f****** filter my pictures the way she does.”

Viewers of The Single Life have pointed out Natalie’s filtered photos in the past. Some even compared her looks to Glenn Close’s character Alex in the movie Fatal Attraction. 

‘The Single Life’ Season 2 tell-all part 2 drops on Feb. 4, 2022

Fans who want more of the drama between The Single Life stars won’t have to wait long—the second part of the tell-all drops on Friday, Feb. 4. Previews include a heated exchange between Natalie and Mike when he tells her he filed for divorce. Plus, the cast criticizes the way Syngin spent the money Tania lent him. Tune in to discovery+ to watch it all go down.