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Warning, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of The Good Place. For weeks, fans of the show were left wondering what happened when Chidi finally woke up after having all of his memories restored. In the newest episode of The Good Place, which is appropriately titled “You’ve Changed, Man,” fans get the answer.

The Good Place Chidi
William Jackson Harper plays Chidi in ‘The Good Place’ | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Judge Gen continues searching for her clicker

The episode does not open with Chidi reuniting with Team Cockroach. Instead, it opens with Judge Gen and Janet in a Neutral Janet’s void. Janet pleads with Judge Gen to not cancel Earth. Unfortunately, the Judge does not change her mind.

After not finding the clicker in Neutral Janet’s void, Judge Gen marbleizes her and moves on to Bad Janet. She marbleizes a Bad Janet, and then explores Disco Janet’s void with Janet.

One interesting aspect of The Good Place episode is showing all the different voids of the different Janets. Neutral Janet’s void is brown with an old, outdated computer. Bad Janet’s void is filled with fire, bad music, and a computer that won’t stop updating. Disco Janet’s void only has music and a karaoke machine, and Judge Gen keeps getting distracted by the music.

Chidi is more confident in ‘The Good Place’ once his memories are restored

As Janet tries to unsuccessfully convince Judge Gen to stop looking for her Earth-canceling clicker, the Soul Squad tries to come up with a new way save humanity. This is when fans of The Good Place get their first look at Chidi.

After having thousands of years of memories restored all at once, Chidi finally has clarity on everything. He no longer questions every move or motivation and his classic indecision is gone.

When Eleanor asks him how he feels about the two of them, he assures her that he loves her. As they try to come up with a plan, Chidi kisses Eleanor in front of everyone because of how much he loves to hear her talk about philosophy. Later, Chidi tells The Good Place committee to “shut up,” acknowledging that he has confidence now.

Team Cockroach comes up with a new idea

The group comes up with a plan to create a permanent Medium Place. Anyone with a negative score goes to The Bad Place, while people with over 1 million points go to The Good Place. Everyone else goes to The Medium Place.

The Good Place committee is immediately on board, but Shawn from The Bad Place is not. It turns out he doesn’t really care about losing as long as Michael loses too.

With just 10 minutes to go, Michael decides to come up with an entirely new plan to tell Judge Gen. They return to Judge Gen’s chambers and attempt to ask her to hear their plan.

With only Janet left to search for the clicker, Judge Gen denies them and enters Janet’s void. Janet then finds a way for the Soul Squad to be in her void at the same time to give their pitch.

The group comes up with a final idea on ‘The Good Place’

To make sure Judge Gen listens, Janet conjures up Timothy Olyphant as U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. While he constantly interrupts the presentation, he does help Judge Gen pay attention.

Team Cockroach’s final idea involves the system viewers of The Good Place are the most familiar with. After someone dies, Good Place and Bad Place architects design a series of tests for them to see if they can improve. If they do, they go to The Good Place, and if they do not then they are rebooted to try again.

While their memories are wiped, the rebooted humans are given an awareness on what they need to improve on. Knowing this means the end of cruelly torturing humans, Shawn originally says no. That is, until he realizes that means fighting with Michael is over.

“Fighting you is the most fun I’ve ever had,” Shawn tells Michael.

After a talk with Michael, Shawn agrees to the plan. The episode ends with Judge Gen asking the group how they can rebuild the system. Everyone then looks at Chidi. Only a few more episodes remain to find out if Team Cockroach, Shawn, and Judge Gen can change everything about the afterlife.