A Family Friend Just Called out the Bates Family for How They Treated Guests at Carlin’s Wedding

Carlin Bates is officially a married woman, and now it seems like Trace Bates is happily involved in a courtship. Trace and a young woman have shown up in several pictures together, including a snapshot from Carlin’s wedding. While the Bates haven’t officially shared the news, a blog dedicated to the family is ready to announce the happy couple. One family insider wants to ensure Trace’s big day doesn’t end up like Carlin’s reception, though. Apparently, not everyone was thrilled by the way they were treated during the ceremony and reception, and they’ve decided to air it out in public.

What was the problem with the wedding?

The Knoxville News Sentinel covered Carlin’s May 25th nuptials. The reporter on hand had nothing but lovely things to say about the couple, the event and the whole family. While the reporter apparently had a grand old time, an alleged insider didn’t have the best experience.

According to a comment on a blog dedicated to the family, they invited over 1000 people to the event. Around 400 showed up to see Carlin and her new husband Evan tie the knot. While 400 is still a large wedding, the alleged guest didn’t think the family was prepared for the number of people, or they didn’t care enough to make them comfortable. They noted that guests were shuttled into a sweltering open field, and only select individuals were allowed to enjoy the wonder of air conditioning inside.

The rumored guest also went on to note that the family seemed to treat their guests as props, rather than individuals they wanted to share the happy event with. Carlin’s wedding was filmed for the family’s show, Bringing Up Bates.

The comment doesn’t paint a pretty picture of the family

The Bates family is far more beloved than their controversial counterparts, the Duggars. Over the years the Duggar family has been accused of a lot of wrongdoing. Springdale residents have accused the family of actively buying up the city, while fans of the show have alleged that Jim Bob and Michelle used their large family to gain fame and fortune. The Bates, however, have not been accused of the same. In fact, they appear downright wholesome in comparison.

The comment, however, paints a very different picture of the family. If the comment did come from a party guest, it seems like the family has some apologies to dull out. The commentary urged Kelly to revert to her former self. The sugary sweet mother of 19 children has always seemed genuinely good-natured. Has it all been an act for the cameras?