A Former ‘Jersey Shore’ Producer Shares How Angelina Pivarnick Was Behind the Scenes

Angelina Pivarnick was part of the original Jersey Shore cast. After leaving the first season, returning for season 2 in Miami, and then leaving again, many fans started to wonder how Pivarnick was in reality. Find out how Pivarnick behaved behind the scenes of Jersey Shore when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Angelina Pivarnick
Angelina Pivarnick | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

While filming ‘Jersey Shore,’ producers became close with the cast 

Thanks to their larger-than-life personalities and copious amounts of alcohol, the cast of Jersey Shore make for great reality television. 

Filming the first season of Jersey Shore meant taking young adults and limiting their contact with the outside world. This forced them to create relationships with each other in the house.

To help foster those relationships, producers would limit calls home to once a week. Personal cell phone use was not allowed, and neither was passing notes or any kind of non-verbal communication. The only privacy the roommates got was when they went to the bathroom. 

While the roommates were forming a bond with each other, they were also forming relationships with the producers who were watching their every move. According to a previous story and field producer on the show, not every roommate was a pleasure to work with.

Angelina Pivarnick was difficult to work with, according to a former ‘Jersey Shore’ producer

A previous producer, who worked on the first two seasons of Jersey Shore, opened up on Reddit about their experience. 

“Dear God, I still have PTSD,” they said. For this producer, there were several times Pivarnick made it challenging to do their job. 

“[Angelina] would routinely alienate herself from the others when there were no issues,” the producer explained. 

It really came across as condescending. Many times, the roommates would reach out to her and try to give her helpful advice and she wouldn’t ever take it. In fact, she would do the opposite of it, to get a reaction and basically tell everyone to ‘f*ck yourself.’

In addition to coming of as condescending, Pivarnick would break the fourth wall while they were filming, deeming the footage unusable. She also had a penchant for telling lies, according to this producer.

“[Angelina] lied about things to protect her ego,” the producer added. 

Literally [she] would lie about the most harmless and pointless stuff like cleaning. She never cleaned up around the house. And she was the one cast member that was the messiest. So when Mike called her out, and she said she cleaned the bathroom, he exploded because she was telling a bald-faced lie.

Because of her attitude, Angelina Pivarnick got a negative edit on ‘Jersey Shore’ 

Like all reality television, how a person comes across on a show boils down to how they’re edited. Despite how negatively this producer felt about Pivarnick, they did admit she was edited in a way that made her come off less appealing to the masses. 

“[Angelina] didn’t get the best edit,” the producer explained. “Not that there was a lot of good to show, but most of her edit was negative and dramatic.” 

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Pivarnick’s edit was mostly a result of her being rude to production and the crew working on the series. 

“For anyone who wants to be on reality television, always be kind to production,” the former producer suggested. “I can’t tell you how many shows will give a person a raw edit, only because they were a pain in the a*s to work with.”