‘A Million Little Things’: Fans Cannot Stop Arguing Over Whether Eddie’s Fate When Season 5 Returns

Since ABC decided to renew A Million Little Things for season 5, fans cannot stop fighting about the fate of Eddie Saville (David Giuntoli). In the season 4 finale, his girlfriend, Anna Benoit (Erin Karpluk) turned herself into the police for her involvement in Peter Benoit’s (Andrew Leeds) death. Will Eddie face repercussions for lying to the police about her alibi when A Million Little Things returns for season 5

Who killed Peter Benoit in ‘A Million Little Things’? 

The Peter Benoit saga from A Million Little Things Season 3 continued into season 4. The music teacher sexually assaulted Sophie Dixon (Lizzy Greene) in season 3, which enraged Gary Mendez (James Roday Rodriguez). In the season 3 finale, viewers thought that Gary killed Peter. However, when the series returned for season 4, Peter was badly beaten but recovered. 

Then in A Million Little Things Season 4, Anna and Eddie unexpectedly ran into Peter at a restaurant. Anna was visibly upset that Peter was still teaching music after all of the girls that he assaulted.

In the finale, viewers found out that Anna went to his house the night he died. When Peter went to touch Anna, she pushed him away. Although she didn’t intend to hurt him, Peter fell down the stairs. She left him to die and then lied to Eddie about going to his house. Although Eddie didn’t know what happened, he lied to the police about Anna’s whereabouts the next day. Viewers worry that he might be in trouble when A Million Little Things Season 5 returns.

Some fans feel that Eddie obstructed justice when he lied to police in ‘A Million Little Things’ Season 4

When Detective Craig Saunders (Brian Markinson) asked Eddie if he was with Anna the day Peter died in A Million Little Things, Eddie lied. The musician-turned-Uber-driver said that Anna attended a music convention with him. Many fans feel that Eddie obstructed justice in the case of Peter’s death.

'A Million Little Things' David Giuntoli as Eddie Saville sitting on the couch smiling
‘A Million Little Things’: David Giuntoli as Eddie Saville | Darko Sikman/Getty Images

“Someone lied about where they were and later came forward,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “The people that lied to cover their ass are often questioned because you normally don’t lie without knowing anything about what really happened. It’s quite literally an obstruction of justice. He covered up for her about a time period the detective asked about — it’s relevant.”

Viewers worry about Eddie because he “lied about where a key suspect was.” Could the detective prosecute Eddie? According to the Neyman Law Office in Massachusetts, the answer is YES. He could be sentenced to probation or up to 10 years in state prison.

Other viewers feel Eddie won’t be in any trouble in ‘A Million Little Things’ Season 5

Some fans point out the fact that Eddie lied about Anna’s whereabouts the day after Peter’s death, not the night that it happened. 


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“Eddie only alibied her for the day after- during the autograph convention,” another Redditor countered. “Anna went over the night before. But Peter was alive when she left and, it seems, didn’t die until several hours later which is why the detectives were asking about the next day and not the night before.”

Since the detective did not ask about the night of Peter’s death, viewers argue that Eddie is not in trouble. 

It looks like viewers will have to wait to see Eddie’s fate until A Million Little Things Season 5 returns in early 2023.