‘A Million Little Things’ Season 3: Showrunner Revealed How Relationships Will Get Complicated

A Million Little Things Season 2 delivered lots of juicy relationship drama. By the end of the season, several couples were left with unfinished business, giving fans lots to chew on until the show returns. [Spoiler warning: This article contains details about A Million Little Things Season 2].

'A Million Little Things'
‘A Million Little Things’ | Jack Rowand via Getty Images

Now that ABC has finally ordered a third season, the future of the show looks pretty bright. Unfortunately for the characters on A Million Little Things, the future of some of their relationships seems far less certain.

Regina and Rome’s marriage will be tested in ‘A Million Little Things’ Season 3

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The second season finale of A Million Little Things left Regina and Rome inconsolable after their would-be child’s birth mother had a change of heart and decided to keep the baby. A Million Little Things show boss, DJ Nash, spoke with Deadline about how the loss of the child will impact the Howards. Here’s what he told the publication:

I can speak for myself in that I’m in a 20-year marriage that’s very strong. The loss of a child is just unimaginable, and in a sense, it’s almost like they had a death of a child, because they held this baby, and now that baby’s gone. When we first met Regina and Rome, they didn’t want to have a kid. Then he wanted to have a kid, and then she not only warmed to the idea, she was really into it

They’re both hurting right now, but for Regina, she’s angry at everything that let her hurt, and right now, Rome made her want this, and so, he’s a big part of why she’s hurting.

I want us to watch how Regina is changed, how Rome is changed, and how this couple is changed by what happened. This is the couple we root for. I know they’re loved, I know they’re sacred. I totally get that, and I feel the same way, and so, it’ll be, I want us to watch this challenge that’s put, this test, because, with her being a survivor of child sexual assault, and with Rome dealing with his depression and his suicide attempt, those issues brought them together. This is the first thing they’ve had to endure that threatens to pull them apart.

DJ Nash to Deadline

The love triangle between Maggie, Gary, and Darcy will get screen time

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When fans last saw Maggie and Gary, they were squarely in the Friend Zone, to the dismay of Mags. She had finally conjured the gumption to share her true feelings with Gary. Alas, it was too late. He was firmly committed to his new relationship with Darcy. In his interview with Deadline, Nash teased that fans just may see even more of the sticky love triangle in A Million Little Things Season 3. Here’s what he revealed:

As they take this journey —  she goes to Oxford for a year — they’re doing the necessary work to figure out who they are. So, while he is with Darcy, and I think that’s going to be fun to play out, and to see that relationship, I think there’s a bond between Maggie and Gary that is stronger than it’s been in a long time.

DJ Nash to Deadline

A Million Little Things will return to ABC in the 2020-2021 broadcast season. Fans can catch up on previous episodes on ABC.com.