‘A Million Little Things’ Season 3: The Most Dramatic Fan Theories on Twitter (So Far)

When the news broke that A Million Little Things had been officially renewed for season 3, fans of the ABC drama flooded social media with celebratory tweets. And although the premiere is still months away, the online chatter has ramped up with some pretty inventive predictions about what will happen next. Here are the most dramatic theories plucked from Twitter (so far). [Spoiler warning: The following article contains details about A Million Little Things Season 2.]

'A Million Little Things' Cast
‘A Million Little Things’ Cast | Robert Trachtenberg/ABC via Getty Images

Fan Theory No. 1: ‘A Million Little Things’ Season 3 will have a COVID-19 pandemic theme

Showrunner, DJ Nash, confirmed on Twitter that the team is busy whipping up scripts for the upcoming season. And although the show boss remains mum about the plot details, he promises tears in the premiere.

Aside from the meaty storylines that fans have come to expect, some TV buffs think the show will reflect pandemic life, with characters wearing facial coverings and taking other precautions.

One Twitter follower quipped, “Will they all be masked up and talking about social distancing?”

Fan Theory No. 2: Maggie and Darcy could be the next super couple on ‘A Million Little Things’

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The season 2 finale of A Million Little Things left Maggie and Gary squarely in the Friend Zone. Mags prepared to travel across the pond for a fellowship, while Gary remained stateside with his new ladylove, Darcy.

There is a camp of shippers who would love nothing more than for Gary and Maggie to reconcile. But there’s another following that would prefer that the gals ditch the dude in favor of each other.

“It’s totally your choice,” a fan tweeted to Nash, “but Darcy and Maggie should date.”

Fan Theory No. 3: Eddie could become paralyzed

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“I have NOT forgotten about that season-ending cliffhanger,” exclaimed a viewer on Twitter. The twist in the final moments of season 2 left Eddie’s fate a mystery. The songwriter has just resisted the urge to drown his sorrows and was on his way back home to Katherine when a vehicle struck him.

Twitter has been flooded with comments, beseeching the show writers on Ed’s behalf. Most of the audience want him to remain alive and well in season 3. While many Eddie admirers expect that he will miraculously pull through his injuries, another theory that he will lose the use of his limbs is gaining traction.

One of many Twitter users pondered, “I think he lives, but I wonder if he’s left paralyzed?”

Fan Theory No. 4: Katherine will rekindle her love affair with Hunter

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“[A] coma, and he only remembers Delilah,” a Twitter fan predicted about Eddie.  And they are not alone. Many loyal viewers believe that he will fall into a coma, and some theorize that Katherine will seek comfort from an old flame.

One fan wrote, “While Eddie [is] in a coma, Katherine will go back with Hunter.” Hunter Wade is a work colleague who Katherine had a brief romance with when she and Eddie were on the outs. If this theory comes to pass, it will certainly add juicy drama to an already addictive show. A Million Little Things will return to ABC during the 2020-2021 broadcast season.