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A Million Little Things Season 2 ended on a hopeful note for Delilah Dixon as romance bloomed with a new suitor. But will a case of bad timing behind the scenes cut the character’s happiness short? Here’s what we know so far. [Spoiler warning: The following article contains details about A Million Little Things Season 2.]

'A Million Little Things'
‘A Million Little Things’ | ABC/Diyah Pera

Delilah’s backstory on ‘A Million Little Things’

In A Million Little Things Season 1, Delilah was tasked with navigating a new normal after her husband, Jon, died by suicide. She worked to raise two children on her own and overcome grief with the support of her circle of friends.

Delilah’s heartache was compounded by the guilt she felt about her affair with Jon’s good friend Eddie. To complicate things more, she discovered that she was pregnant by Ed.

In season 2, Delilah dealt with the fallout of her youngest child’s paternity coming to light. She had to rebuild trust with her friends and children while learning to forgive herself and others. Along the way, she solidified her partnership with her bestie, Regina, in their new restaurant venture.

Delilah also enjoyed a flirtation with an investor in her business, Andrew, but the passion fizzled as quickly as it had started. However, it did open the character up to new possibilities for the first time since losing Jon.

Delilah’s now love connection could be cut short


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By the end of A Million Little Things Season 2, Delilah had made peace with the ghosts of her past and decided it was time to move forward with dating again. But when she initially met Miles, the latest man of her dreams, she didn’t expect the relationship to go very far.

In the finale, it was clear that Delilah was developing strong feelings for the friendly EMT. What began as a tryst with a slightly younger fella had quickly turned into something deeper. To top things off, D’s kids, Sophie and Danny, gave their mom an enthusiastic blessing to go for it.

The chemistry between Delilah and Miles is palpable, and fans seem to dig the pairing. But, despite the on-screen sizzle Delilah and Miles’ love affair may be cut short due to off-screen scheduling conflicts.

Parker Young, the actor who plays Miles, is currently appearing on BET’s Twenties and may be unavailable to continue working on A Million Little Things. The series showrunner, DJ Nash, spoke with Deadline and said this about Young’s future with A Million Little Things: “It’s absolutely not clear, because he’s in another series. So, I have to, at the very least, work around that. I cast someone who I may not have access to.”

It remains to be seen whether Delilah and Miles are indeed over, and if so, how the writers will craft his exit. In any case, fans can only hope that the Widow Dixon can once again find a love that lasts. A Million Little Things airs on ABC, and fans can catch up on previous episodes on