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In the A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 14 recap of “School Ties,” fans watch Maggie Bloom (Allison Miller) and Gary Mendez (James Roday Rodriguez) talk about starting a family. Plus, Katherine (Grace Park) and Greta Strobe (Cameron Esposito) take an exciting step together. Rome (Romany Malco) shows his documentary at his old prep school. Romy Rosemont returns to the A Million Little Things cast as Shelly — Regina’s (Christina Moses) mother.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 14, “School Ties.”]

'A Million Little Things' Adam Swain, Romany Malco, Sam Anderson, Keith Robinson, and Tebo Nzeku posing for a photo
‘A Million Little Things’: Adam Swain as Tyrell, Romany Malco as Rome, Sam Anderson as Dean Dennings, Keith Robinson as Dre Washington, and Tebo Nzeku | ABC/Darko Sikman

‘A Million Little Things’ Season 4 Episode 14 recap: Rome and Tyrell

As seen in the A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 14 preview, Tyrell (Adam Swain) attempts to talk Rome out of calling the Sussex Prep School dean a racist in front of the students at the school. However, when they arrive, Dean Dennings (Sam Anderson) informs Rome that they are featuring him on the school website for Black history month. The dean adds that “donors love this kind of stuff.”

So, Tyrell gives the OK to Rome to say whatever he wants after that harsh comment.

After watching the faces of the kids in the audience and hearing one student (Tebo Nzeku) speak, Rome decides to go a different route with his speech. Instead of criticizing the dean, Rome highlights Vice President Dre Washington (Keith Robinson) — Rome’s friend from the prep school. Later, he privately explains to the dean how hurtful it was that the teacher looked the other way when the teens made a “Whites Only” sign for the water fountain.

Regina’s estranged parents reunite to support her new business venture

To recap a few guest stars, A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 14, Romy Rosemont returns to the cast as Regina’s mother, Shelly, and Mario Van Peebles appear again as her father, Ronald. Although Shelly and Ronald despise each other, Regina’s mother shockingly approves of her father joining the food truck business. It might have something to do with Angie’s breaking up with Ronald. At first, the divorced couple reminisces about their time together. However, it doesn’t take long for them to get into a fight.

When Regina confronts her father, Ronald tells her that Shelly was the one having an affair. Later, Shelly admits that she let Ronald believe she was cheating with the church choir director. Shelly and Regina sit down to explain to Ronald that Shelly’s brother, Neil, sexually assaulted both her and Regina. Although Ronald is understanding at first, he’s infuriated when he finds out that Shelly let Neil around Regina, knowing what he was capable of.

‘A Million Little Things’ Season 4 Episode 14 recap: Gary has a cancer scare

To further recap A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 14, Maggie speaks to her oncologist, Dr. Stein (Jan Bos), about pregnancy. He indicates that she’s running out of time because of her chemotherapy. Although Gary has no idea, he accidentally finds Maggie at a fertility clinic. He’s forced to talk through his feelings about having kids with Eddie (David Giuntoli), who insists Gary will be a great father. Luckily, the fertility specialist shows Maggie that she has plenty of eggs and time left to start a family. He also suggests that they relax and have some fun. However, when they fall into bed that evening, Maggie suddenly feels a lump in Gary’s chest. They both worry immediately that his cancer is back, and the A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 15 promo confirms that it’s still on their minds next week.


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Danny Dixon (Chance Hurstfield) decides not to join his friends and boyfriend, Milo, at a pool party because he’s not “ripped” like the other guys. Eddie explains that it’s more important to be comfortable in your skin than compete with everyone else. Later, Eddie brings medication along to give it a second go with Anna (Erin Karpluk). The first time they tried to have sex together, things didn’t go very well. 

Katherine and Greta go to their high school reunion

Later in A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 14, Katherine’s mother criticizes people with tattoos. She mentions that Randy Kwan (Lee Shorten) will be at the reunion. Katherine points out that Molly McCabe was the one always in trouble, not Greta. However, when Randy and Greta begin talking at the reunion, Katherine feels left out. Randy and Greta share memories of past parties and breaking the rules in high school.

As Katherine stares at the President’s award plaque, she admits to Greta that she missed out on all the high school fun. However, Greta puts things into perspective. The reason she’s falling for Katherine all over again is because of her drive and determination to succeed. Then Katherine steals the plaque, breaking a glass award shelf window.

Katherine’s mother sees her tattoo when she arrives home and reprimands her. However, Katherine’s ready to admit to her mother who she is. She kisses Greta, causing her mother to storm off, upset.

According to ABCA Million Little Things Season 4 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC and is available for streaming on Hulu.