‘A Million Little Things’ Season 4 Premiere: Official Return Date and How to Watch

With the end of summer comes the return to fall TV, including A Million Little Things Season 4 premiere. Creator DJ Nash revealed that viewers find out what happened with Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) and Peter (Andrew Leeds) in the new season’s first episode. Plus viewers find out whether Delilah Dixon (Stéphanie Szostak) moves to France for good. So, it’s going to be an intense premiere, and it’s happening soon. Below is everything you need to know about A Million Little Things Season 4.

A Million Little Things Season 3 James Roday Rodriguez and Allison Miller acting as Gary and Maggie
‘A Million Little Things’ Season 3: James Roday Rodriguez and Allison Miller | Jack Rowand/Getty Images

When is ‘A Million Little Things’ coming back?

A Million Little Things Season 4 returns on Sept. 22, 2021, at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. There’s a lot to unpack in the very first episode. Viewers want to know whether Delilah Dixon plans to move to France with or without her older children. There was a massive fallout in the A Million Little Things Season 3 finale because the teens did not want to move across the globe.

Then what happens to Peter, and how does that affect Gary and Darcy (Floriana Lima)? She changed her mind last minute about wanting children. Plus, Sophie Dixon (Lizzy Greene) told the world her story and revealed Peter’s name on Maggie Bloom’s (Allison Miller) podcast. 

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How to watch ‘A Million Little Things’ Season 4

You can watch A Million Little Things Season 4 live on ABC at 10 p.m. on Wednesday evenings. Viewers can also stream the show live on the ABC app or another live TV streaming service such as Locast or Sling TV. 

The first three seasons of A Million Little Things are currently available for streaming on Hulu. A Million Little Things Season 4 is added to Hulu the day after the episode airs live, similar to other shows like Grey’s Anatomy. So, either stay up late on Wednesday night or catch the premiere on Hulu on Thursday morning.

‘A Million Little Things’ Season 4 cast returning

Show creator DJ Nash gave insight to Deadline regarding what to expect in the season 4 premiere and who is returning. The A Million Little Things Season 4 cast returns with all of the fan-favorite familiar faces mentioned above. Plus, Nash added that Ron Livingston will return as Jon Dixon (in flashbacks) again this season.

Grace Park reprises her role as Katherine, and she continues to co-parent with Eddie Saville (David Giuntoli). In the season finale, viewers heard the caller that hit Eddie returns with information about his hit-and-run. All of the main characters return for season 4, along with some exciting guest stars. 

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“We will be bringing even more guest stars in,” Nash explained to the outlet. “We have found, in the last couple seasons, that there are some more high-profile actors who are fans of our show. I’ve had a conversation with a few of them about coming in and doing parts, and it’s incredible.”

The show creator did not give any hints about who the guest stars might be, but he did add that they appear on Maggie’s podcast. So, that will be fun. 

Catch the A Million Little Things Season 4 premiere on ABC on Sept. 22 at 10 p.m. EST and the next day on Hulu.