‘A Million Little Things’ Show Boss is Hopeful for PJ’s Return in Season 3

A Million Little Things has a knack for casting likable personalities, whether in leading roles or as guest players. One such actor, Chandler Riggs, brought PJ to life on screen. Could the former Walking Dead star return for season 3?

'A Million Little Things'
‘A Million Little Things’ | Jack Rowand/ABC via Getty Images

‘A Million Little Things’ creator, DJ Nash, commented about possibly bringing back Chandler Riggs as PJ

Riggs played angsty teen, Patrick ‘PJ’ Nelson, in nine episodes of A Million Little Things. While on the show, he made a significant impact. When he began to question his paternity, PJ deduced that Jon Dixon was his biological father. But once the facts emerged, it turned out that Jon was not the boy’s father, but neither was the man who raised him.

PJ became distraught and contemplated taking his life until Rome stepped in and used his own experience with despondency to (thankfully) talk the lad off of a ledge. The storyline resonated with fans and shone a light on important issues such as depression and suicide prevention.

Of the core group, PJ shared the closest bond with Rome and Sophie, who he initially mistook as his sister. The youngster eventually mended fences with his mother and surrogate dad, then disappeared from the canvas before the end of the season. But Riggs’ performance as PJ left fans wanting more.

“Your show keeps us on the edge of our seats, WANTING MORE, AND MORE, AND MORE. Any plans to bring PJ back? He was a great character,” tweeted a fan.

A Million Little Things creator, DJ Nash, responded to the enthusiast by simply writing, “Hoping to.” Indeed, viewers hope so too.

Can fans expect to see another standout guest star return to ‘A Million Little Things’?

'A Million Little Things'
‘A Million Little Things’ | Jack Rowand/ABC via Getty Images

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Although Nash has yet to confirm the return of any fan-favorite recurring characters, the show boss did share a wish list early on in an interview with Deadline.

“I love Jason Ritter, and I would love to find a way to bring him back if his schedule will allow,” Nash shared. “Eric has done many, many questionable things, but we were more sympathetic to the story in the end than we were when we found out the secret.”

Fans may remember that Eric lied when he told Maggie that he received her brother’s heart in a transplant. Although he was misguided, his actions were not malicious. Still, the betrayal wrecked his friendship with Mags. In A Million Little Things Season 3, could there be room for forgiveness, redemption, and Ritter’s return as Eric?

What other casting news did Nash reveal?

'A Million Little Things'
‘A Million Little Things’ | ABC/Diyah Pera

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Nash also dished to Deadline that there’s another guest actor who he would welcome again. “We have a really strong cast, but we have a really strong guest cast. I’d love to see Parker (Young) come back.” Nash continued, “He’s in another series. So, I have to, at the very least, work around that, I cast someone who I may not have access to.”

Young played the part of Miles, the EMT, who made a love connection with Delilah. With a newfound joy in her heart, it would be a shame for the Widow Dixon to have to bid farewell to her new beau. Alas, fans will have to sit tight until A Million Little Things returns to ABC to find out if Miles will remain a part of Delilah’s life.

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